four good times (new apps!)

Looking for something new to play? Check out these four apps that have been sucking away all my free time:

Angry Birds: Rio

Device: All
Genre: They’re back, and they’re angrier than ever
Price: $0.99/$2.99 HD

Rovio has released an all-new Angry Birds app! It’s a tie-in for new animated movie Rio, and features great new graphics and a new story line. No more pigs; now you’re rescuing captured birds from a fate that I’m sure will be explained in the movie. Absolutely worth the dollar – grab it now!

Mechanic Panic

Device: All
Genre: Jump away from certain dooooooom
Price: $0.99

I grabbed this last night and could not. stop. playing. Everything was going great at work until the world blew up – jump up and away from the raging fire, but look out for falling debris and elevators. Save your colleagues as they hurtle towards death (or don’t, I won’t judge) and save the day! It’s totally a quick play game, except for the fact that you won’t be able to put it down. My “just one more jump” turned into an extra hour of playing. I regret nothing.

Land-a Panda

Device: All
Genre: look at the jugs on that panda
Price: $0.99

Oh my god I LOVE this game – totes adorbs, challenging without being impossible, and just really well done over all. Get your boy panda to his lovely lady friend and reunite the star-crossed lovers in this puzzle game that is a must-have on your iDevice – it’s only a dollar, and you won’t regret it. Cute, fun, and has lots of replay value!

Garage Inc HD

Device: iSmall/iPad/MacOS
Genre: Time management in the time of gangsters
Price: Free (sale)

Garage Inc is a time management game ala Diner Dash, set in the 1920s which gives is a really nice (and refreshing) flavour. There’s a gangster story line that weaves in and out of the game, and has extra game play features like employees that affect your price/speed, demanding mob bosses, and more. Music and graphics are all well done, and it’s FREE for a limited time so stock up now.



new apps! hot diggity!

Are you all playing Tiny Wings? You better be. If you need a break in between your Tiny Wings marathon though, here are some new apps that caught my eye:

Hot Springs Story

Device: All
Genre: Game Dev Story – at the spa!
Price: $3.99

Sorry about this. Remember how much time you lost to Game Dev Story (which is on sale at 50% off, if you don’t have it yet)? Remember killing your phone battery, looking up and realizing it’s 7 hours later? Prepare for that all over again as Kairosoft releases Hot Springs Story on the App Store. It’s much broader than Game Dev Story and can take a while to figure out exactly wtf you’re doing, but once you do .. well, feed the cat extra before starting so he won’t starve. It’s the humane thing to do.


Device: needs a camera
Genre: photo fun
Price: $0.99

I almost ignored this app, because I assumed it allowed you to render photographs in a “chalk drawing” style. I have no need for this, but I clicked on it anyway – and to my surprise, found a silly-named but very cool little camera tool. ChalkCamera (apparently named because the camera bodies look like they’re drawn in chalk) allows you to change the lens to take 1, 2, 4, 8 or 9 pictures on a single “exposure”, and change the camera body to mimic various plastic camera effects. It’s a very useful and fun little camera (QuadCam, the only other decent multi-exposure camera available, doesn’t offer much by way of filters and is twice the price), and was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. Definitely worth the dollar if you’re into fake plastic photography!

Half Tone

Device: All
Genre: picture changin’
Price: $0.99

Another camera app, with more of an emphasis on previously taken pictures – Half Tone allows you to add a distinct comic book feel to your images, complete with captions and an old-paper taste:

Useful? Not really. Fun? Sure, if you’re more creative than I am at the moment. It does fill a void – none of the 26 other camera apps I have installed right now does comic book effects – but it’s not one I had keenly felt before. Still, it was just a dollar and I’ve likely gotten at least that much entertainment from it so far.

So, um, anyone want to buy an iPad? Yeah, I’m upgrading. I know, I know. The standard offer; pristine iPad plus a buttload of extras like cases and stands (including my beloved Portenzo case, which won’t fit the iPad2) – email me for more info, and stuff (kimli at delicious juice dot com).

new apps? why i never!

I broke my “no credit card app purchases” rule the other day, but I had a really good reason to do it – I was seven cents short to get the new Hipstamatic add-on pak (which, by the way, is awesome) AND I was on my way out of town to America, meaning I wouldn’t be able to buy an Canadian iTunes cards. So, I hooked up the Visa and bought the add-on. Then I removed the credit card, because the temptation to buy all the apps ever is still strong and I mustn’t do that or I won’t be able to go to Cuba.

That doesn’t mean I can’t still have SOME fun though:

Tiny Wings

Device: All
Genre: have you ever wanted to fly?
Price: $0.99

Gorgeous art, great music, adorable premise, fantastic game play all for a dollar – what other reasons could you possibly need? Get this app now, and feel a warm glowing warming glow when you play the awesome and support indie game makers.

Tasty Planet

Device: All
Genre: so hungry
Price: $0.99 (50% off sale)

The main idea behind Katamari Damacy is to collect things so you grow bigger so you can collect more things. Enter Tasty Planet: you are goo, accidentally released into the wild from the lab. Eat things to grow bigger to eat other things – start out a mere iota and grow to devour a universe. It’s played entirely by tilt and is really fun – I scared the cats with my loud cheer when I was finally big enough to eat a golf ball. Get it now while it’s on sale!

Viking Tales: Mystery of Black Rock

Device: All
Genre: *viking noises*
Price: $0.99

Row row row your boat, avoiding obstacles and collecting gold and battling enemy ships. I’m not yet viking’d-out, especially when the app has as much to offer as this does. Interesting game play, a lot of personality, and all for a dollar – check it out if you’re in the market for some fun and stuff.


groundhog day app attack

Miss me? I know *I* did!

I’m holding annoyingly true to my promise to not go App Crazy in 2011 – I finished out January with $25 worth of credit still left in my account. There are still good titles being released, but I’m a lot more stringent about what I buy. My wallet appreciates it, even if it sadly gives me little to write about on here.

There’ve been a few titles that have utterly captivated me (as in, pulled me away from Dungeon Raid for more than 2 seconds at a time), and they’re worth a look if you’re in the market for new games to play:

Grim Joggers

Device: All
Genre: Death Race in the Jungle!
Price: $0.99 (launch price, 50% off)

15 joggers go for a run in some ridiculously hazardous terrain. How far can you go before all your joggers meet an untimely, bloody demise? Grim Joggers is hilarious and great for a quick game when you’ve got some time to kill (no pun intended). I found myself laughing manically as my runners died in horrible ways – serves them right for jogging, anyway. Who do they think they are? Exercising is for jerks.  Good times, because all us video gamers love violence!


Device: All
Genre: Adorable RPG
Price: $2.99

Battlehearts is one of the cutest RPGs you’ll ever see. Watch the trailer – it hooked me in and I downloaded it immediately afterward, even with the $3 price tag (that’s 6 cans of Diet Coke!). It’s challenging without being frustrating, a lot of fun, and did I mention the cuteness? The game is brought to you by the makers of OMG Pirates! and Zombieville USA, and features the same distinctive style but made cuter. It reminds me of the pirates in Lil’ Pirates, which I still miss sometimes even though I deleted the game because I refuse to be sucked into an MMO even if it’s on my phone. If you like RPGs, I highly recommend this one – totes worth it, y’all.

Banzai Blowfish

Device: All
Genre: Physics Action Puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale price, 50% off)

Banzai Blowfish is a rescue-the-trapped puzzle game that has you, the aforementioned Banzai Blowfish, on a mission to save your friends. Use the environment to reach the target within the time limit. It reminds me a lot of games like Rolando and Soosiz; both excellent games. If you enjoyed those, you might like this title – and I’d grab it while it’s on sale; it’s not something I would have looked at for $2 but is worth the $1.

Sad Princess

Device: All
Genre: Side-scrolling RPG-esq fighting game
Price: $1.99

I really want to like this game, but it’s been done a thousand times before and much better. Still, the artwork is great and the storyline goes to show that even imaginary princesses aren’t safe from the heartbreak of fickle romance. If you only buy one RPG today I’d say pass this up and get Battleheart instead, but if you’ve got $2 to spare and a soft spot for emo princesses with magical powers and a wounded ego, this one’s for you. Beware the In App Purchases – they’re not necessary to play, but are there if you have too much money and don’t know what to do with yourself.

Game Dev Story

Device: All
Genre: Game Company Simulator
Price: $0.99 (sale, 75% off)

Perennial favourite Game Dev Story is on sale again. This is what I had to say last time: When Game Dev Story came out, I grabbed it even though the $4 price tag was hard to swallow. I then immediately mysteriously lost several weeks of my life – when I looked up again, it was a month later and I had no idea where I was. This game is simple but INSANELY ADDICTING, and now that it’s on sale for a dollar, you absolutely need to pick it up. Ever wanted to work in the game industry but they hate you and won’t look your way no matter what you do? Live your fantasy life here, and make highly rated games with terrible dirty names for fun and fake profit!

app marbles

A jumble of app emotions today:

Today I Die Again

Device: All
Genre: interactive puzzle, kinda
Price: Free (sale)

Today I Die Again is a really unique little app that’s more of an interactive story than anything else. It doesn’t look like much on the surface, but the more you poke around the deeper into the story you get. It’s mysterious and musical and a little creepy, as well as free for a limited time. Pick it up and give it a good look; it’s not like anything else you have and there’s much more to it than you might think.

Star Dunk Gold

Device: All
Genre: MMO + NBA + Space
Price: $1.99

Star Dunk has released a Gold version, which is ad free. They’ve also done a bunch of updates to include new features such as ball customization and friend codes to share with others. Star Dunk is always a good time, but I paid to remove ads from the free version so I hope I’ve already got all the new features. Godzilab makes some great games though, so if you enjoyed Star Dunk, consider grabbing the paid version for fun times on the go.

Last Class Heroes

Device: All
Genre: RPG Fighting Game with super powers and robots, I think
Price: $0.99

I am at least 75 curious about this game. The name, title and characters all smell very, very much like No More Heroes for the Wii, which ALSO has a main character named Travis. Coincidence? Homage? Either way, LCH has gotten some rave reviews and the few seconds of gameplay I stole while no one was looking is very intriguing. I’ll be playing this more later, and is worth a look for a dollar.


Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: hands down the best turn-based game around
Price: $0.99/$2.99 (sale)

I am both excited and annoyed by Jet Set Games (the minds behind Highborn) at the moment. I’m excited – almost to the point of uncontrollable urination – that Chapter 2 has finally been released. I made myself late for work because I couldn’t leave until the updated finished downloading and installing on my phone, and I stole wi-fi downtown to make sure my iPad was updated too. New content! Can’t wait to play! Clearing my evening and weekend calendar for more Highborn goodness!

So why am I annoyed? Because chapter 2 is an in-app purchase. If you want to play more Highborn (and you totally should; it’s fantastic), then you’ll need to pay a dollar for the content. And .. well, that’s not really why I’m annoyed – they more than deserve the extra dollar, after all. I’m annoyed because I own both versions of Highborn, which means I have to shell out for Chapter 2 twice – $1 for my phone, and $2 for the HD iPad version. That kind of stinks, really. But .. well, it’s likely not an issue most people will have. After all, my original Highborn download was a free game of the day, and I liked it so much I happily paid for the HD version for my iPhone. Most people aren’t crazy, and likely won’t have both RD and HD versions of the game. Having to buy chapter 2 times 2 is my own damn fault, really, and I shouldn’t take it out on Jet Set Games because I love them.

So, I guess I’m not really annoyed after all. I mean, I totally am – I am majorly cranky today for reasons I can’t really figure out – but this isn’t the cause of the marbles up my ass. So, ignore everything I just wrote except for the parts about Highborn being awesome and YAY, CHAPTER 2 IS OUT!

apps times three

Three completely charming apps for your “most depressing day of the year“:


Device: All
Genre: laudanum abuse and child endangerment (in rhyme!)
Price: $0.99

I am a sucker for anything that claims to be Edward Gorey-esq, so I downloaded this app as soon as I saw it on the store. It. Is. Awesome. I can’t recommend this game enough, especially if you’re a fan of the style. Mother has gone on vacation, but so laudanum-soaked is she that she left her precious baby at the train station, where many nefarious things await. You (the baby carriage) are trying to find Mother, and must make your way past hazards such as open well, drunkards, hungry crows, and Grimm himself in all his evil top-hatted glory. This game is utterly gorgeous, very tongue-in-cheek, and totally worth the dollar. Get it now, unless you’re a baby hater who eats children (and even then you should get it, because I obviously did).

Hero Princess

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Girl Power!
Price: $0.99/$1.99

Vikings are storming the castle (lending to my theory that vikings are the new monkey/pirate/ninja/zombie), and you’re not content to just sit back and be kidnapped so you are fighting them off. Throw things down at the vikings climbing the ladder to knock them off, or shake them loose if they keep hanging on. Use power ups and throw bigger things like unicorns and pianos to dislodge your attackers. You go, girl! I really kind of like this game. It’s super cute, funny, and a nice fast way to pass the time. Also, there are vikings. Totally worth the dollar!

Geared 2

Device: All
Genre: Gear puzzles (now with 100% more hamsters)!
Price: FREE (limited time only!)

Geared 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the crazy popular Geared. The idea is simple – choose the right sized gears to get your mechanism going – but the polish put into this app speaks volumes. Definitely worth picking up for free (and even when it goes back to the regular price of a dollar), Geared 2 is a great puzzle game for those in the mood for a challenge.


note: huge success

.. because I’m Still Alive, get it?

There’s been a lot of activity on the various App Stores I troll daily, but nothing spectacular enough for me to get off my duff and post an update. I’ve been holding fast and true to my “no credit card purchases”, which hasn’t really been an issue because there’s nothing that I’ve needed RIGHT NOW and found myself without available credits. I did just run out this morning after making a purchase mentioned below, but it’s payday so I’ll be grabbing some cards tonight. That being said, it still feels as though I’ve been good for MONTHS and it’s really been .. 14 days. Damn.

World of Goo

Device: iPad only
Genre: super awesome puzzle fun
Price: $4.99 (sale)

World of Goo has been a PC favourite for a couple years now, but it’s found new life on the iPad. In fact, it was named the iPad Game of the Year by a number of different app sites. It’s a physics puzzle game that is extremely well done, and is pretty much a must-get if you have an iBig kicking around. I just downloaded it with the last of my iTunes credits; I’d had my eye on it for a while but didn’t have $10 available. It’s on sale  now for $5, which is about right – do yourself a solid, and grab this great title at 50% off while you can!

Polaroid Digital Camera App

Device: needs a camera
Genre: high tech lo-fi
Price: $1.99

I’ve had the official Polaroid app for a couple months now, but haven’t been able to use it until today thanks to it only working on the very latest iOS release. That’s all fine and good for most people, but there’s a very large group of people who are running 4.1 or older, and were unable to use the app. They finally released a fix for that little snafu today, so I’m able to finally play with it. And .. it’s pretty cool, actually. The interface is nice, there are a LOT of different options, and you can choose between medium and high resolutions. The app has a fairly low score in iTunes because of the incompatibility with older versions, but hopefully that’ll come up once people realize it’s now usable and pretty fun to boot.

Garage Inc. HD

Device: iPad/Mac
Genre: time management ala Diner Dash
Price: $1.99 (sale)

I’m somewhat of a sucker for time management games, and I wanted to download it when the Mac App Store launched last week. However, paying $10 for a Diner Dash clone isn’t something that’s ever going to happen in this lifetime, so I held off. The price dropped to $2 earlier this week, so I snapped it up – and now I wish I had waited, because Mac app and iDevice apps don’t transfer, and I’d rather have this on my iPad than iMac. Still, it’s pretty neat. I like the graphic style very much, and it has a pretty interesting story behind it. Worth a look if you’re a fan of time management games and/or the 1930s.

My beloved Hipstamatic updated last night to 1.90, and in addition to some bug fixes, includes 1.5 freebies: a new flash called Cherry Shine, and a new film added to the Portland Pack (in-app purchase required). The flash is cool, but the new film is totally awesome – it’s a great B&W film for all your arty hipster douchebag needs. Update your app today!

And while you’re at it, you should enter the Countdown to 10 Billion Apps contest. No purchase necessary; you can enter by clicking on the link or by downloading any app. The grand prize is a $10,000 iTunes gift card, which you must give to me if you win. Seriously, I need this. Do you have any idea how many apps I would give away if I had $10K to spend in iTunes? SO MANY. I rarely enter contests, but I want this so bad it HURTS. Enter now, and share with me if you win 😀