note: huge success

.. because I’m Still Alive, get it?

There’s been a lot of activity on the various App Stores I troll daily, but nothing spectacular enough for me to get off my duff and post an update. I’ve been holding fast and true to my “no credit card purchases”, which hasn’t really been an issue because there’s nothing that I’ve needed RIGHT NOW and found myself without available credits. I did just run out this morning after making a purchase mentioned below, but it’s payday so I’ll be grabbing some cards tonight. That being said, it still feels as though I’ve been good for MONTHS and it’s really been .. 14 days. Damn.

World of Goo

Device: iPad only
Genre: super awesome puzzle fun
Price: $4.99 (sale)

World of Goo has been a PC favourite for a couple years now, but it’s found new life on the iPad. In fact, it was named the iPad Game of the Year by a number of different app sites. It’s a physics puzzle game that is extremely well done, and is pretty much a must-get if you have an iBig kicking around. I just downloaded it with the last of my iTunes credits; I’d had my eye on it for a while but didn’t have $10 available. It’s on sale  now for $5, which is about right – do yourself a solid, and grab this great title at 50% off while you can!

Polaroid Digital Camera App

Device: needs a camera
Genre: high tech lo-fi
Price: $1.99

I’ve had the official Polaroid app for a couple months now, but haven’t been able to use it until today thanks to it only working on the very latest iOS release. That’s all fine and good for most people, but there’s a very large group of people who are running 4.1 or older, and were unable to use the app. They finally released a fix for that little snafu today, so I’m able to finally play with it. And .. it’s pretty cool, actually. The interface is nice, there are a LOT of different options, and you can choose between medium and high resolutions. The app has a fairly low score in iTunes because of the incompatibility with older versions, but hopefully that’ll come up once people realize it’s now usable and pretty fun to boot.

Garage Inc. HD

Device: iPad/Mac
Genre: time management ala Diner Dash
Price: $1.99 (sale)

I’m somewhat of a sucker for time management games, and I wanted to download it when the Mac App Store launched last week. However, paying $10 for a Diner Dash clone isn’t something that’s ever going to happen in this lifetime, so I held off. The price dropped to $2 earlier this week, so I snapped it up – and now I wish I had waited, because Mac app and iDevice apps don’t transfer, and I’d rather have this on my iPad than iMac. Still, it’s pretty neat. I like the graphic style very much, and it has a pretty interesting story behind it. Worth a look if you’re a fan of time management games and/or the 1930s.

My beloved Hipstamatic updated last night to 1.90, and in addition to some bug fixes, includes 1.5 freebies: a new flash called Cherry Shine, and a new film added to the Portland Pack (in-app purchase required). The flash is cool, but the new film is totally awesome – it’s a great B&W film for all your arty hipster douchebag needs. Update your app today!

And while you’re at it, you should enter the Countdown to 10 Billion Apps contest. No purchase necessary; you can enter by clicking on the link or by downloading any app. The grand prize is a $10,000 iTunes gift card, which you must give to me if you win. Seriously, I need this. Do you have any idea how many apps I would give away if I had $10K to spend in iTunes? SO MANY. I rarely enter contests, but I want this so bad it HURTS. Enter now, and share with me if you win 😀



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