but i’ve been so good!

It feels like I’ve behaved myself for SEVEN YEARS. I haven’t bought any new apps in SO LONG – just look at my self control! I’m sticking to my resolution, and there won’t be a repeat of last year’s crazy app spending! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come; I should be allowed to have a little spree .. right? After all, it’s been forever!

.. What do you mean, it’s only January 6th? And the entire reason I haven’t bought anything in ages is because the App Store was on lockdown since before Christmas? And by the way, the Mac App Store launched today?

Oh shit.

I bought myself a $25 iTunes Gift Card on Monday, thinking it would surely last me a long time because look how little I’ve bought in the last 6 days. Yeah, that’s all gone now. But look at how many cool new apps I have!

8mm Vintage Camera

Device: Needs a camera
Genre: lo-fi pictures that MOVE
Price: $1.99

Love taking old-timey pictures? What if you could take old-timey pictures that MOVE, just like in Harry Potter? Well, here you go. Released barely 2 weeks ago, this app already has a solid following and for good reason – it’s kind of awesome. I took a simple 10-second video of my living room, and I’m really impressed with what this thing can do. Add in some cool film effects and different lenses to play with, and you’ve got a Hipstamatic-esq video camera for $2 – well worth the asking price. Here’s hoping they add different film and lens packs at some point, but what you get out of the box is very cool.


Burn the Rope

Device: All
Genre: Puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale)

The perfect puzzle game for the secret arsonist within – use gravity and fire to burn as much of the rope as you can within the time limit. The flame only burns up, so tilt your device to keep the flame going. This game was worth the download for the music alone – they must have had a great deal of fun recording the theme song, which is utterly hilarious. Very cute, unique, and challenging – I give it several burning thumbs up.


Papa Sangre

Device: All
Genre: Um .. video-less video game
Price: $6.99 (ouch, but read on)

This is an expensive game, but I grabbed it LAST year so it doesn’t really count towards my 2011 numbers. Papa Sangre is a very strange little app – beautifully styled and worth a look if you’re feeling rich (or keep an eye out for a sale). You are trapped in Papa Sangre’s world, which is pitch black – but you must move on if you are to rescue the soul of your loved one. You play the game entirely by sound, using your ears to locate the exit and avoid the traps Papa Sangre has laid out for you. The game definitely requires headphones and a quiet place – it’s very atmospheric, and a total trip. I love the whole Day of the Dead thing they’ve got going on, and if the app was just a couple dollars cheaper I would be ordering you all to get it immediately. As it is, I think it’s something to check up on every once in a while to see if the price drops (AppShopper does this beautifully, by the way) and consider picking this title up anyway if you’re in the market for something incredibly different.

Clumsy Bob

Device: All
Genre: boing boing boing boing boing
Price: $0.99

I don’t know that Bob is truly clumsy so much as he is a victim of his surroundings: he’s an elephant in the sky with nothing but clouds to break his fall. This is a really cute title perfect for “pick up and play” gaming, and a must-get if you’re a fan of Mario levels where you have to jump from platform to platform. Some clouds will help you, some are mean and horrible, and there are things to collect along your way. I like this title very much, and can see myself playing it whenever I want a silly game break – well worth the dollar, and would be great for kids (or extremely childish women who live and breathe video games and instant gratification).

Magic Shutter

Device: requires a camera
Genre: long exposure photography
Price: $2.99

Playing with long exposure is one of my favourite things to do with a camera, but the default iPhone camera does not allow you to take long exposure pics. Magic Shutter allows you to take several different kinds of long and repeated exposure images, which will be a lot of fun once I figure out how to do it. It’s a little complicated to use, and the support video will need to be watched before it’s somewhat clear on what you have to do. Still, if it behaves as promised, I’ll be very interested to give it a whirl. Hooray for long exposures!


MovieCat! HD

Device: iPad only
Genre: awesome movie trivia!
Price: $3.99

If you’ve been holding out on MovieCat until the iPad version came out, wait no longer – it’s here! In addition to the awesome trivia and hilarious images, MovieCat HD also features a multiplayer mode – be a hit at parties! Astound your friends with your fabulous choice in iPad apps! It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of MovieCat, and I’m thrilled to see it available for the iBig as well as the iSmall. This is something you need to have, so get downloading and be the coolest person in the room wherever you go!



So about that Mac App Store .. to be honest, I don’t know that it’s something I’m going to use a lot. There are two reasons for this: one, I’m trying to behave myself. If I can get into trouble with impulse purchases that cost $0.99, what sort of horrors will be unleashed when I can buy software that costs $5 to $100 with one click? The other thing is the entire reason I’m such a fan of the iPhone and iPad – the portability. There is nothing awesome about the thought of playing Angry Birds on my computer, but on something I carry around in my pocket? Something I can play in bed, in the bath, at work? Hell yes. I don’t deny there are some very cool things on the Mac App Store and undoubtedly there will be game-changing things to come .. but I don’t know how many of those things will be for me, especially since I’ve removed my credit card as a method of payment. Clicking a button to install Aperture 3 for $90 is a steal, but when I have to go out and buy 4 iTunes Gift Cards and redeem them all before I can do so? Well, that’s a pain in the ass. Maybe I’ll find a way around it – make a third account for the Mac Store only and tie THAT to my Visa – but I’m going to approach with caution, even though I really want to upgrade to iPhoto ’11 and check out Garage Inc.

In the meantime, though ..


Device: Mac OSX
Genre: Twitter
Price: Free



Precipice of Darkness

Device: Mac OSX
Genre: Penny Arcade RPG mystery
Price: $3.99 (sale)

I don’t have as large a boner for Penny Arcade as Ed does, but that just means I wouldn’t go A2M on them (and he totally would). I’ve always wanted to check this game out, and it seemed to be a great title to pick up as my first official Mac Store impulse purchase. If you’re into Penny Arcade (hopefully not as much as Ed is; I think he wants their babies), consider grabbing this title while it’s 50% off and pop that Mac Store cherry.


new year, new freebies

Happy New Year! Start your 2011 off right with these four great titles that are currently free:

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!

Device: All
Genre: Adorable leaping ninjas
Price: Free! (sale)

Ninjatown is a franchise by Shawnimals, featuring the Wee Ninjas. Trees of Doom is an awesome time waster that has you using your ninja jumping skills to scale a tree while avoiding obstacles. It’s cute as all hell, and you won’t be able to put it down. Get it now while it’s free! You won’t regret it! Unless you’re a ninja-hating communist, that is.


Diner Dash

Device: All
Genre: Time Management
Price: Free! (sale)

If you don’t know what Diner Dash is, welcome to the internet. You are currently reading what is known as a “web site”, using a “computer”. Don’t be afraid! We come in peace! Diner Dash is the original time management labour game in which you run around serving people for points. Many, many games have since used this formula, but Diner Dash is still the best. Another great little time waster and one I never expected to be free, Diner Dash is a must-have if you like your games casual and zombie-free.



Device: All
Genre: Action Puzzler
Price: Free! (sale)

I really, really like Shift. It’s an action puzzle game with a literal twist: you need to flip your surroundings to reach your goal within the time limit. It’s a stark but extremely well done title, and I highly recommend you check it out while it’s free. It’s a mind-bending 2D puzzle of fun!



Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

Device: All
Genre: Story Puzzle
Price: Free! (sale)

Broken Sword is an interesting-looking story puzzle game available in both regular and HD versions (both free). I have no previous experience with this title, but it’s very highly rated and looks pretty neat so I’ve grabbed the HD version for my iPad and will play it later. People were too excited that this game was free to not mention, so check it out – you may find something amazing or horrible, but either way you’re out $0.





i’m so sorry

.. your spare time is about to evaporate:

Game Dev Story

Device: All
Genre: Game Company Simulator
Price: $0.99 (sale, 75% off)

When Game Dev Story came out, I grabbed it even though the $4 price tag was hard to swallow. I then immediately mysteriously lost several weeks of my life – when I looked up again, it was a month later and I had no idea where I was. This game is simple but INSANELY ADDICTING, and now that it’s on sale for a dollar, you absolutely need to pick it up. Ever wanted to work in the game industry but they hate you and won’t look your way no matter what you do? Live your fantasy life here, and make highly rated games with terrible dirty names for fun and fake profit!

.. stupid game industry.

RBC Mobile

Device: All
Genre: Banking
Price: Free

Significantly less entertaining but with much more real life value, Royal Bank takes a giant leap into the 22nd century with an iPhone banking app. No more wondering if you can truly afford the lap dance or if you should hold off until payday – whip out your phone and check your balances in real time; the ladies love that. I’ve been waiting for this to come out for a while, and it’s finally here. Now I can always know just how poor I am! Hooray! 😦

nine ladies (l[app]) dancing

It’s back! Camera+ is back!


Device: requires a camera
Genre: one of the very best camera apps
Price: $0.99 (sale)

At long last, Camera+ is back on the App Store! It was pulled way back in August for daring to use the volume button for something other than voluming, which is Against the Rules. I managed to snag it moments before it was banned from iTunes, and I’m so glad I did – Camera+ is my favourite “serious” camera app. I use it whenever I need to take a picture without fancy effects (although it has those too, and a lot of them) – it’s just a very clean, very good camera tool. People are up in arms over the removal of the volume hack, but I never used it and don’t miss anything – I’m just glad the app is back so other people can enjoy it too. And it’s on sale! There is no reason not to have this app!


Device: iPad only
Genre: Informational
Price: $0.99

I am a little late to the appadvice.com game, but this here is their shiny new app for the iPad. The screenshots drew me in – it’s beautifully styled, and who knows; maybe there’s an essential app or two I don’t know about. AppStart is a “what should I install?” app, giving you the low-down on the best apps available for just about anything you might want to do. Sure, you could read blogs and articles and reviews to find the very best in yoga/file management/remote login/video streaming/password keeper apps, but here they’re all in one place. As I mentioned, I really like the look of this app and I can absolutely see how this sort of thing would be really useful to people who don’t live and breathe the goings-on of the App Store (and otherwise). My sole complaint in the few minutes I’ve spent poking around is that the scrolling is somewhat jerky, but I might just need a reboot .. so why don’t I go do that then, while you get busy buying Camera+.

Looking for something new to try? There’s an Indie iPhone Holiday Sale going on, featuring six awesome games on sale for $0.99 each: Canabalt (hugely popular; installing now), Osmos (gorgeous and fun), Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (one of my all-time favourite games), Solipskier (a whole lot of fun), Drop7 (I didn’t care for it, but only because I hate Sudoku) and Eliss (which I’ve never played). Plus, a portion of each sale will go to Child’s Play. You’d be supporting indie app makers, giving to charity AND getting some great games you may not be familiar with – check them out and give yourself the gift of being awesome.

On the 9th day of Appmas .. I’m cold, tired and naked so I’ve randomly started gifting apps to people. Drop a line with what you’ve been eying for your iDevice, and maybe Santa Kimli will send you a present (that will not be wrapped in porn).

delayed reaction app blast

This is what happens when my life decides to fill itself with things that take me away from the house and computer – stuff doesn’t get updated. Where were we? Day 8? Something like that. Here are some apps!

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Device: All
Genre: Space Invaders, only fancier
Price: $2.99 (sale)

Space Invaders was reimagined several years ago to great success on other platforms, and it’s proving equally popular on the iDevice. This version starts out old school, and quickly ramps up to sheer madness. I really enjoyed Space Invaders Extreme on the DS, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with this game on the iBig. This is definitely not your father’s Space Invaders, and it will likely blow your mind.

Age of Zombies

Device: All
Genre: Dual Stick shooter with a great sense of humour
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I love Age of Zombies. It was updated yesterday to include a bunch of new features, so if you didn’t pick this up for $3 when it launched, you should get it now that it’s only a dollar. It’s by far my favourite DSS game – Barry Steakfries is my second favourite Barry ever.

Fruit Ninja HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Hiiiii-ya!
Price: $0.99 (sale)

If you missed any of the previous sales, you can still get Fruit Ninja HD for a buck. It’s worth it for the multiplayer alone!


Don’t forget the massive EA sale – it’s still on! Other game companies are stepping up to the plate and offering their apps for a buck each – take a look at Gameloft‘s selection, and give yourself some fun!

Let’s change things up for Appmas – leave a comment below, and your app wish list. Maybe Visa Claus will give you a present this festive Appmas season!


appmas day seven: app harder

EA is having an absolutely ridiculous sale, with most of their games going for $0.99. I can’t even list all of the awesome, so I’m going to let Touch Arcade do it for me:

iPhone/iPod touch Games:

iPad Games:

I know, right?! Holy shit. I picked up Scrabble and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for my iPad last night, and cursed the fact that I bought Mirror’s Edge Big last week when it was on “sale” for $4.99. This is a ridiculous sale of epic proportions, and one you need to take advantage of immediately – so many great games, for so few dollars.

That doesn’t mean that Appmas isn’t happening over here, though – the 6th day of Appmas brought you Highborn, which is going to Cath! DM me your email address, and I’ll send over some good times!

I really think this game deserves more love, but it came out right smack in the middle of a MASSIVE launch of high-end sequels and likely got lost in the shuffle. I am absolutely in love with this game though, which is why Vikings Can Fly is on deck for the 7th Day of Appmas. You know the drill – comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway! I friggin’ love Appmas – I hope you’re enjoying it too!


six apps a-laying

Some interesting looking freebies out there today, and one blast from the past:


Device: All
Genre: Side scrolling zombie shooter
Price: Free (sale)

I have so many games of this type that they’re all blurring together, but that won’t stop me from trying out a highly rated free game. I’m fairly certain I’ve never played this exact title, but the weapon upgrade screen looks identical to a couple other games I can’t recall the name of .. at any rate, this game has solid reviews, retina graphics, and is free. Go!

d’Art and d’Art Bizarre

Device: All
Genre: Art jigsaw puzzles
Price: Free (sale)

These two apps are both free for a limited time. They’re jigsaw puzzles featuring art by Deviant Art users. You can choose your puzzle difficulty, and save the image as a wallpaper if  you like the drawing. Worth a look, even if you’re not a jigsawer.

7th Guest

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Horror mystery puzzler from 1993
Price: $2.99/$5.99

Old man Stauf is waiting there .. crazy, sick and MEAN!

So ends a poem from 7th Guest, a game released in 1993 and was widely praised as the dawn of a new age of technological entertainment. I spent countless hours playing this game, but never finishing it – this was before the internet was wide-spread, and the puzzles were HARD. So much frustrated swearing! Fuck those cans in the kitchen! 7th Guest looks a little dated, but the puzzles are as challenging as ever and the mystery surrounding the other 6 guests and Stauf himself is a good hook to reel you in. That being said, if you haven’t played this game before, it may not hold much interest for you .. but if you remember it from the early days of gaming (7th Guest was the first computer game to be released on CD-ROM), the nostalgia factor runs deep. I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and I’m going to finish it this time .. with the likely help of a walkthrough or two. What? Shut up.

I offered up MUST.EAT.BIRDS for the 5th day of Appmas, and it’s going to Jan! Let me know your email address, and I’ll gift the app to you!

The 6th day of Appmas comes with a learning curve – Highborn is a turn-based strategy game that is fantastic amounts of fun once you get into it. I grabbed this game when it was free one day and never looked back – I love, love, love Highborn. For your chance to maybe love it too, leave a comment below! Merry Appmas to you all!