four good times (new apps!)

Looking for something new to play? Check out these four apps that have been sucking away all my free time:

Angry Birds: Rio

Device: All
Genre: They’re back, and they’re angrier than ever
Price: $0.99/$2.99 HD

Rovio has released an all-new Angry Birds app! It’s a tie-in for new animated movie Rio, and features great new graphics and a new story line. No more pigs; now you’re rescuing captured birds from a fate that I’m sure will be explained in the movie. Absolutely worth the dollar – grab it now!

Mechanic Panic

Device: All
Genre: Jump away from certain dooooooom
Price: $0.99

I grabbed this last night and could not. stop. playing. Everything was going great at work until the world blew up – jump up and away from the raging fire, but look out for falling debris and elevators. Save your colleagues as they hurtle towards death (or don’t, I won’t judge) and save the day! It’s totally a quick play game, except for the fact that you won’t be able to put it down. My “just one more jump” turned into an extra hour of playing. I regret nothing.

Land-a Panda

Device: All
Genre: look at the jugs on that panda
Price: $0.99

Oh my god I LOVE this game – totes adorbs, challenging without being impossible, and just really well done over all. Get your boy panda to his lovely lady friend and reunite the star-crossed lovers in this puzzle game that is a must-have on your iDevice – it’s only a dollar, and you won’t regret it. Cute, fun, and has lots of replay value!

Garage Inc HD

Device: iSmall/iPad/MacOS
Genre: Time management in the time of gangsters
Price: Free (sale)

Garage Inc is a time management game ala Diner Dash, set in the 1920s which gives is a really nice (and refreshing) flavour. There’s a gangster story line that weaves in and out of the game, and has extra game play features like employees that affect your price/speed, demanding mob bosses, and more. Music and graphics are all well done, and it’s FREE for a limited time so stock up now.



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