new year, new freebies

Happy New Year! Start your 2011 off right with these four great titles that are currently free:

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!

Device: All
Genre: Adorable leaping ninjas
Price: Free! (sale)

Ninjatown is a franchise by Shawnimals, featuring the Wee Ninjas. Trees of Doom is an awesome time waster that has you using your ninja jumping skills to scale a tree while avoiding obstacles. It’s cute as all hell, and you won’t be able to put it down. Get it now while it’s free! You won’t regret it! Unless you’re a ninja-hating communist, that is.


Diner Dash

Device: All
Genre: Time Management
Price: Free! (sale)

If you don’t know what Diner Dash is, welcome to the internet. You are currently reading what is known as a “web site”, using a “computer”. Don’t be afraid! We come in peace! Diner Dash is the original time management labour game in which you run around serving people for points. Many, many games have since used this formula, but Diner Dash is still the best. Another great little time waster and one I never expected to be free, Diner Dash is a must-have if you like your games casual and zombie-free.



Device: All
Genre: Action Puzzler
Price: Free! (sale)

I really, really like Shift. It’s an action puzzle game with a literal twist: you need to flip your surroundings to reach your goal within the time limit. It’s a stark but extremely well done title, and I highly recommend you check it out while it’s free. It’s a mind-bending 2D puzzle of fun!



Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

Device: All
Genre: Story Puzzle
Price: Free! (sale)

Broken Sword is an interesting-looking story puzzle game available in both regular and HD versions (both free). I have no previous experience with this title, but it’s very highly rated and looks pretty neat so I’ve grabbed the HD version for my iPad and will play it later. People were too excited that this game was free to not mention, so check it out – you may find something amazing or horrible, but either way you’re out $0.






One response to this post.

  1. Dammit Kimli. I am hooked on Diner Dash. It’s all your fault.

    (Thank you :))


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