but i’ve been so good!

It feels like I’ve behaved myself for SEVEN YEARS. I haven’t bought any new apps in SO LONG – just look at my self control! I’m sticking to my resolution, and there won’t be a repeat of last year’s crazy app spending! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come; I should be allowed to have a little spree .. right? After all, it’s been forever!

.. What do you mean, it’s only January 6th? And the entire reason I haven’t bought anything in ages is because the App Store was on lockdown since before Christmas? And by the way, the Mac App Store launched today?

Oh shit.

I bought myself a $25 iTunes Gift Card on Monday, thinking it would surely last me a long time because look how little I’ve bought in the last 6 days. Yeah, that’s all gone now. But look at how many cool new apps I have!

8mm Vintage Camera

Device: Needs a camera
Genre: lo-fi pictures that MOVE
Price: $1.99

Love taking old-timey pictures? What if you could take old-timey pictures that MOVE, just like in Harry Potter? Well, here you go. Released barely 2 weeks ago, this app already has a solid following and for good reason – it’s kind of awesome. I took a simple 10-second video of my living room, and I’m really impressed with what this thing can do. Add in some cool film effects and different lenses to play with, and you’ve got a Hipstamatic-esq video camera for $2 – well worth the asking price. Here’s hoping they add different film and lens packs at some point, but what you get out of the box is very cool.


Burn the Rope

Device: All
Genre: Puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale)

The perfect puzzle game for the secret arsonist within – use gravity and fire to burn as much of the rope as you can within the time limit. The flame only burns up, so tilt your device to keep the flame going. This game was worth the download for the music alone – they must have had a great deal of fun recording the theme song, which is utterly hilarious. Very cute, unique, and challenging – I give it several burning thumbs up.


Papa Sangre

Device: All
Genre: Um .. video-less video game
Price: $6.99 (ouch, but read on)

This is an expensive game, but I grabbed it LAST year so it doesn’t really count towards my 2011 numbers. Papa Sangre is a very strange little app – beautifully styled and worth a look if you’re feeling rich (or keep an eye out for a sale). You are trapped in Papa Sangre’s world, which is pitch black – but you must move on if you are to rescue the soul of your loved one. You play the game entirely by sound, using your ears to locate the exit and avoid the traps Papa Sangre has laid out for you. The game definitely requires headphones and a quiet place – it’s very atmospheric, and a total trip. I love the whole Day of the Dead thing they’ve got going on, and if the app was just a couple dollars cheaper I would be ordering you all to get it immediately. As it is, I think it’s something to check up on every once in a while to see if the price drops (AppShopper does this beautifully, by the way) and consider picking this title up anyway if you’re in the market for something incredibly different.

Clumsy Bob

Device: All
Genre: boing boing boing boing boing
Price: $0.99

I don’t know that Bob is truly clumsy so much as he is a victim of his surroundings: he’s an elephant in the sky with nothing but clouds to break his fall. This is a really cute title perfect for “pick up and play” gaming, and a must-get if you’re a fan of Mario levels where you have to jump from platform to platform. Some clouds will help you, some are mean and horrible, and there are things to collect along your way. I like this title very much, and can see myself playing it whenever I want a silly game break – well worth the dollar, and would be great for kids (or extremely childish women who live and breathe video games and instant gratification).

Magic Shutter

Device: requires a camera
Genre: long exposure photography
Price: $2.99

Playing with long exposure is one of my favourite things to do with a camera, but the default iPhone camera does not allow you to take long exposure pics. Magic Shutter allows you to take several different kinds of long and repeated exposure images, which will be a lot of fun once I figure out how to do it. It’s a little complicated to use, and the support video will need to be watched before it’s somewhat clear on what you have to do. Still, if it behaves as promised, I’ll be very interested to give it a whirl. Hooray for long exposures!


MovieCat! HD

Device: iPad only
Genre: awesome movie trivia!
Price: $3.99

If you’ve been holding out on MovieCat until the iPad version came out, wait no longer – it’s here! In addition to the awesome trivia and hilarious images, MovieCat HD also features a multiplayer mode – be a hit at parties! Astound your friends with your fabulous choice in iPad apps! It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of MovieCat, and I’m thrilled to see it available for the iBig as well as the iSmall. This is something you need to have, so get downloading and be the coolest person in the room wherever you go!



So about that Mac App Store .. to be honest, I don’t know that it’s something I’m going to use a lot. There are two reasons for this: one, I’m trying to behave myself. If I can get into trouble with impulse purchases that cost $0.99, what sort of horrors will be unleashed when I can buy software that costs $5 to $100 with one click? The other thing is the entire reason I’m such a fan of the iPhone and iPad – the portability. There is nothing awesome about the thought of playing Angry Birds on my computer, but on something I carry around in my pocket? Something I can play in bed, in the bath, at work? Hell yes. I don’t deny there are some very cool things on the Mac App Store and undoubtedly there will be game-changing things to come .. but I don’t know how many of those things will be for me, especially since I’ve removed my credit card as a method of payment. Clicking a button to install Aperture 3 for $90 is a steal, but when I have to go out and buy 4 iTunes Gift Cards and redeem them all before I can do so? Well, that’s a pain in the ass. Maybe I’ll find a way around it – make a third account for the Mac Store only and tie THAT to my Visa – but I’m going to approach with caution, even though I really want to upgrade to iPhoto ’11 and check out Garage Inc.

In the meantime, though ..


Device: Mac OSX
Genre: Twitter
Price: Free



Precipice of Darkness

Device: Mac OSX
Genre: Penny Arcade RPG mystery
Price: $3.99 (sale)

I don’t have as large a boner for Penny Arcade as Ed does, but that just means I wouldn’t go A2M on them (and he totally would). I’ve always wanted to check this game out, and it seemed to be a great title to pick up as my first official Mac Store impulse purchase. If you’re into Penny Arcade (hopefully not as much as Ed is; I think he wants their babies), consider grabbing this title while it’s 50% off and pop that Mac Store cherry.


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