app marbles

A jumble of app emotions today:

Today I Die Again

Device: All
Genre: interactive puzzle, kinda
Price: Free (sale)

Today I Die Again is a really unique little app that’s more of an interactive story than anything else. It doesn’t look like much on the surface, but the more you poke around the deeper into the story you get. It’s mysterious and musical and a little creepy, as well as free for a limited time. Pick it up and give it a good look; it’s not like anything else you have and there’s much more to it than you might think.

Star Dunk Gold

Device: All
Genre: MMO + NBA + Space
Price: $1.99

Star Dunk has released a Gold version, which is ad free. They’ve also done a bunch of updates to include new features such as ball customization and friend codes to share with others. Star Dunk is always a good time, but I paid to remove ads from the free version so I hope I’ve already got all the new features. Godzilab makes some great games though, so if you enjoyed Star Dunk, consider grabbing the paid version for fun times on the go.

Last Class Heroes

Device: All
Genre: RPG Fighting Game with super powers and robots, I think
Price: $0.99

I am at least 75 curious about this game. The name, title and characters all smell very, very much like No More Heroes for the Wii, which ALSO has a main character named Travis. Coincidence? Homage? Either way, LCH has gotten some rave reviews and the few seconds of gameplay I stole while no one was looking is very intriguing. I’ll be playing this more later, and is worth a look for a dollar.


Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: hands down the best turn-based game around
Price: $0.99/$2.99 (sale)

I am both excited and annoyed by Jet Set Games (the minds behind Highborn) at the moment. I’m excited – almost to the point of uncontrollable urination – that Chapter 2 has finally been released. I made myself late for work because I couldn’t leave until the updated finished downloading and installing on my phone, and I stole wi-fi downtown to make sure my iPad was updated too. New content! Can’t wait to play! Clearing my evening and weekend calendar for more Highborn goodness!

So why am I annoyed? Because chapter 2 is an in-app purchase. If you want to play more Highborn (and you totally should; it’s fantastic), then you’ll need to pay a dollar for the content. And .. well, that’s not really why I’m annoyed – they more than deserve the extra dollar, after all. I’m annoyed because I own both versions of Highborn, which means I have to shell out for Chapter 2 twice – $1 for my phone, and $2 for the HD iPad version. That kind of stinks, really. But .. well, it’s likely not an issue most people will have. After all, my original Highborn download was a free game of the day, and I liked it so much I happily paid for the HD version for my iPhone. Most people aren’t crazy, and likely won’t have both RD and HD versions of the game. Having to buy chapter 2 times 2 is my own damn fault, really, and I shouldn’t take it out on Jet Set Games because I love them.

So, I guess I’m not really annoyed after all. I mean, I totally am – I am majorly cranky today for reasons I can’t really figure out – but this isn’t the cause of the marbles up my ass. So, ignore everything I just wrote except for the parts about Highborn being awesome and YAY, CHAPTER 2 IS OUT!


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