I spend a lot of time on the internet. Like, really a lot. While wading through the vast quantities of information and porn I see every day, I discovered that a lot of it is actually useful. One offshoot of the not-porn I get is information about various iDevice apps that fall under one or more categories:

  • highly anticipated and finally released
  • free for a limited time
  • on sale
  • completely awesome no matter the price

I am a fastidious App Whore, and thus will download anything that catches my eye. As I learned earlier this month, treating iTunes Apps like Pokemon is a very bad idea – while trying to catch ‘em all, I racked up more than $1100 in charges. Since I don’t want to give up the thrill of discovery, I decided to look around for apps that are free or on sale – and I found a lot of them. I thought it might be fun to share this information with people who have iDevices, and after a quick Twitter poll told me there’d be interest, I set up this blog to do just that. I don’t want to clutter up my own blog with this stuff, nor do I think Twitter is the best place for it because it’s so easily missed. So, all this stuff is on this site here. which you browse at your convenience. It is good for all. Hooray for technologies!

The fine print:

  • I am not affiliated with any app developers
  • I do not get money or perks to pimp certain apps
  • I make no guarantees about the availability of the prices I post; that’s why some of these are limited time offers
  • These will likely be apps that I like and actually USE
  • I play a lot of games, and that’s what most of these will be
  • I am Canadian, and my links will more often than not be to the Canadian iTunes store (unless the app is available in the US only, at which point I will mention it)
  • I like Diet Coke

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