apps times three

Three completely charming apps for your “most depressing day of the year“:


Device: All
Genre: laudanum abuse and child endangerment (in rhyme!)
Price: $0.99

I am a sucker for anything that claims to be Edward Gorey-esq, so I downloaded this app as soon as I saw it on the store. It. Is. Awesome. I can’t recommend this game enough, especially if you’re a fan of the style. Mother has gone on vacation, but so laudanum-soaked is she that she left her precious baby at the train station, where many nefarious things await. You (the baby carriage) are trying to find Mother, and must make your way past hazards such as open well, drunkards, hungry crows, and Grimm himself in all his evil top-hatted glory. This game is utterly gorgeous, very tongue-in-cheek, and totally worth the dollar. Get it now, unless you’re a baby hater who eats children (and even then you should get it, because I obviously did).

Hero Princess

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Girl Power!
Price: $0.99/$1.99

Vikings are storming the castle (lending to my theory that vikings are the new monkey/pirate/ninja/zombie), and you’re not content to just sit back and be kidnapped so you are fighting them off. Throw things down at the vikings climbing the ladder to knock them off, or shake them loose if they keep hanging on. Use power ups and throw bigger things like unicorns and pianos to dislodge your attackers. You go, girl! I really kind of like this game. It’s super cute, funny, and a nice fast way to pass the time. Also, there are vikings. Totally worth the dollar!

Geared 2

Device: All
Genre: Gear puzzles (now with 100% more hamsters)!
Price: FREE (limited time only!)

Geared 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the crazy popular Geared. The idea is simple – choose the right sized gears to get your mechanism going – but the polish put into this app speaks volumes. Definitely worth picking up for free (and even when it goes back to the regular price of a dollar), Geared 2 is a great puzzle game for those in the mood for a challenge.



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