new apps? why i never!

I broke my “no credit card app purchases” rule the other day, but I had a really good reason to do it – I was seven cents short to get the new Hipstamatic add-on pak (which, by the way, is awesome) AND I was on my way out of town to America, meaning I wouldn’t be able to buy an Canadian iTunes cards. So, I hooked up the Visa and bought the add-on. Then I removed the credit card, because the temptation to buy all the apps ever is still strong and I mustn’t do that or I won’t be able to go to Cuba.

That doesn’t mean I can’t still have SOME fun though:

Tiny Wings

Device: All
Genre: have you ever wanted to fly?
Price: $0.99

Gorgeous art, great music, adorable premise, fantastic game play all for a dollar – what other reasons could you possibly need? Get this app now, and feel a warm glowing warming glow when you play the awesome and support indie game makers.

Tasty Planet

Device: All
Genre: so hungry
Price: $0.99 (50% off sale)

The main idea behind Katamari Damacy is to collect things so you grow bigger so you can collect more things. Enter Tasty Planet: you are goo, accidentally released into the wild from the lab. Eat things to grow bigger to eat other things – start out a mere iota and grow to devour a universe. It’s played entirely by tilt and is really fun – I scared the cats with my loud cheer when I was finally big enough to eat a golf ball. Get it now while it’s on sale!

Viking Tales: Mystery of Black Rock

Device: All
Genre: *viking noises*
Price: $0.99

Row row row your boat, avoiding obstacles and collecting gold and battling enemy ships. I’m not yet viking’d-out, especially when the app has as much to offer as this does. Interesting game play, a lot of personality, and all for a dollar – check it out if you’re in the market for some fun and stuff.



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