new apps! hot diggity!

Are you all playing Tiny Wings? You better be. If you need a break in between your Tiny Wings marathon though, here are some new apps that caught my eye:

Hot Springs Story

Device: All
Genre: Game Dev Story – at the spa!
Price: $3.99

Sorry about this. Remember how much time you lost to Game Dev Story (which is on sale at 50% off, if you don’t have it yet)? Remember killing your phone battery, looking up and realizing it’s 7 hours later? Prepare for that all over again as Kairosoft releases Hot Springs Story on the App Store. It’s much broader than Game Dev Story and can take a while to figure out exactly wtf you’re doing, but once you do .. well, feed the cat extra before starting so he won’t starve. It’s the humane thing to do.


Device: needs a camera
Genre: photo fun
Price: $0.99

I almost ignored this app, because I assumed it allowed you to render photographs in a “chalk drawing” style. I have no need for this, but I clicked on it anyway – and to my surprise, found a silly-named but very cool little camera tool. ChalkCamera (apparently named because the camera bodies look like they’re drawn in chalk) allows you to change the lens to take 1, 2, 4, 8 or 9 pictures on a single “exposure”, and change the camera body to mimic various plastic camera effects. It’s a very useful and fun little camera (QuadCam, the only other decent multi-exposure camera available, doesn’t offer much by way of filters and is twice the price), and was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. Definitely worth the dollar if you’re into fake plastic photography!

Half Tone

Device: All
Genre: picture changin’
Price: $0.99

Another camera app, with more of an emphasis on previously taken pictures – Half Tone allows you to add a distinct comic book feel to your images, complete with captions and an old-paper taste:

Useful? Not really. Fun? Sure, if you’re more creative than I am at the moment. It does fill a void – none of the 26 other camera apps I have installed right now does comic book effects – but it’s not one I had keenly felt before. Still, it was just a dollar and I’ve likely gotten at least that much entertainment from it so far.

So, um, anyone want to buy an iPad? Yeah, I’m upgrading. I know, I know. The standard offer; pristine iPad plus a buttload of extras like cases and stands (including my beloved Portenzo case, which won’t fit the iPad2) – email me for more info, and stuff (kimli at delicious juice dot com).


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