nine ladies (l[app]) dancing

It’s back! Camera+ is back!


Device: requires a camera
Genre: one of the very best camera apps
Price: $0.99 (sale)

At long last, Camera+ is back on the App Store! It was pulled way back in August for daring to use the volume button for something other than voluming, which is Against the Rules. I managed to snag it moments before it was banned from iTunes, and I’m so glad I did – Camera+ is my favourite “serious” camera app. I use it whenever I need to take a picture without fancy effects (although it has those too, and a lot of them) – it’s just a very clean, very good camera tool. People are up in arms over the removal of the volume hack, but I never used it and don’t miss anything – I’m just glad the app is back so other people can enjoy it too. And it’s on sale! There is no reason not to have this app!


Device: iPad only
Genre: Informational
Price: $0.99

I am a little late to the game, but this here is their shiny new app for the iPad. The screenshots drew me in – it’s beautifully styled, and who knows; maybe there’s an essential app or two I don’t know about. AppStart is a “what should I install?” app, giving you the low-down on the best apps available for just about anything you might want to do. Sure, you could read blogs and articles and reviews to find the very best in yoga/file management/remote login/video streaming/password keeper apps, but here they’re all in one place. As I mentioned, I really like the look of this app and I can absolutely see how this sort of thing would be really useful to people who don’t live and breathe the goings-on of the App Store (and otherwise). My sole complaint in the few minutes I’ve spent poking around is that the scrolling is somewhat jerky, but I might just need a reboot .. so why don’t I go do that then, while you get busy buying Camera+.

Looking for something new to try? There’s an Indie iPhone Holiday Sale going on, featuring six awesome games on sale for $0.99 each: Canabalt (hugely popular; installing now), Osmos (gorgeous and fun), Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (one of my all-time favourite games), Solipskier (a whole lot of fun), Drop7 (I didn’t care for it, but only because I hate Sudoku) and Eliss (which I’ve never played). Plus, a portion of each sale will go to Child’s Play. You’d be supporting indie app makers, giving to charity AND getting some great games you may not be familiar with – check them out and give yourself the gift of being awesome.

On the 9th day of Appmas .. I’m cold, tired and naked so I’ve randomly started gifting apps to people. Drop a line with what you’ve been eying for your iDevice, and maybe Santa Kimli will send you a present (that will not be wrapped in porn).

2 responses to this post.

  1. I’d like to thank Santa Kimli for the gift of Highborn for Appmas. Although it wasn’t wrapped in porn, it was a fantastic gift nonetheless!

    I’ve read some good things about Camera+ and happen to be tempted to pick it up, but as I don’t have an iPhone and only the iPod Touch, I don’t really use it as my mobile camera option – the crackberry seems suitable enough (especially considering I’m likely wanting to share the picture immediately on twitter).


  2. Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there’s some ietsrent in it out there! I’m working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric


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