six apps a-laying

Some interesting looking freebies out there today, and one blast from the past:


Device: All
Genre: Side scrolling zombie shooter
Price: Free (sale)

I have so many games of this type that they’re all blurring together, but that won’t stop me from trying out a highly rated free game. I’m fairly certain I’ve never played this exact title, but the weapon upgrade screen looks identical to a couple other games I can’t recall the name of .. at any rate, this game has solid reviews, retina graphics, and is free. Go!

d’Art and d’Art Bizarre

Device: All
Genre: Art jigsaw puzzles
Price: Free (sale)

These two apps are both free for a limited time. They’re jigsaw puzzles featuring art by Deviant Art users. You can choose your puzzle difficulty, and save the image as a wallpaper if  you like the drawing. Worth a look, even if you’re not a jigsawer.

7th Guest

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Horror mystery puzzler from 1993
Price: $2.99/$5.99

Old man Stauf is waiting there .. crazy, sick and MEAN!

So ends a poem from 7th Guest, a game released in 1993 and was widely praised as the dawn of a new age of technological entertainment. I spent countless hours playing this game, but never finishing it – this was before the internet was wide-spread, and the puzzles were HARD. So much frustrated swearing! Fuck those cans in the kitchen! 7th Guest looks a little dated, but the puzzles are as challenging as ever and the mystery surrounding the other 6 guests and Stauf himself is a good hook to reel you in. That being said, if you haven’t played this game before, it may not hold much interest for you .. but if you remember it from the early days of gaming (7th Guest was the first computer game to be released on CD-ROM), the nostalgia factor runs deep. I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and I’m going to finish it this time .. with the likely help of a walkthrough or two. What? Shut up.

I offered up MUST.EAT.BIRDS for the 5th day of Appmas, and it’s going to Jan! Let me know your email address, and I’ll gift the app to you!

The 6th day of Appmas comes with a learning curve – Highborn is a turn-based strategy game that is fantastic amounts of fun once you get into it. I grabbed this game when it was free one day and never looked back – I love, love, love Highborn. For your chance to maybe love it too, leave a comment below! Merry Appmas to you all!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Kimli! I’d love a chance to win the highborn app – I’ve downloaded a bunch of the apps you’ve recommended, so this is the first appmas post where I don’t already have the featured giveaway!


  2. holy crap, I LOVED 7th Guest! So bizarre to see it again. I may have to pick that up eventually…


  3. Posted by jan Altshool on December 16, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    It’s jan here. Where should I send my email address?


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