the third day of appmas

My wallet is still reeling after Wednesday’s applosion, so here are some kinder, gentler titles (ie: free) for you:

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Device: All
Genre: Special holiday edition of Cut the Rope
Price: Free!

If you don’t already own Cut the Rope, you’re really missing out – it’s adorable and a lot of fun. Chillingo has just released this special free Christmas edition as a thank you to fans. Grab the free title, then go back for the main game when you inevitably want to see more of Om Nom and his insatiable need for candy. Festive!

Veggie Samurai

Device: All
Genre: The poor man’s version of Fruit Ninja
Price: Free (sale)

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride – Veggie Samurai is a shameless knockoff of Fruit Ninja, and makes few apologies for it. They’ve added a couple things in an attempt to stand out a little, but the whole thing just comes across as a something you might buy out of the back of a van. Still, Veggie Samurai has a steady fan base and even people who claim it to be better than Fruit Ninja. Get it while it’s free, and judge for yourself!

Dizzypad – Frog Jump Fun

Device: All
Genre: Frog jumping!
Price: Free

Do you love the frogs in Pocket Frogs but wish there was a little less breeding involved? Dizzypad is the game that started it all – jump your frog around the koi pond for points and other frogs. It’s a relaxing game of amphibian hop, yours for the downloading.

Mirror’s Edge

Device: All
Genre: the future is here and i must jump off the roof
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I thought Mirror’s Edge was a fantastic deal in September when it was $2, but now it’s even cheaper and just as good. I am a huge fan of Mirror’s Edge for the iDevice, and desperately wish the console game was played the same way. It looks great, is a lot of fun to play, and is totally worth getting at 80% off.

For the second day of Appmas, Lisa T gets a copy of Doodle God! Yay Lisa! Get your email address to me and I’ll make that happen!

On the third day of Appmas, I will give to you:

Movie Cat!

One of the best movie trivia apps around, Movie Cat was a favourite the instant I saw the screenshots. Leave a comment below to be gifted Movie Cat, courtesy of Delicious Juice Dot Santa, who is a total ho ho ho!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Neil on December 10, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Hmmm…website seemed to have eaten my comment from yesterday… oh well, already have Doodle God (20 more elements to go!!!)

    But…trivia. Trivia good! Glad you wrote about Qrank…it’s part of my daily ritual now. And, if anything, you’ve been tooting the Movie Cat horn more than Qrank.


  2. I second that Cut the Rope is a must have, in fact, I’m almost of the belief that it’s superior to Angry Birds.


  3. Posted by Blayne on December 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm



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