merry appmas

Ho ho ho! Did you know you can gift apps to people? You CAN!

I will give away one copy of my favourite app on each post I make on this site between now and Christmas. I’ll post the day’s giveaway at the bottom of the day’s app blast, and if you’d like to enter the draw, leave a comment below. You’ll need a Canadian iTunes account*, the appropriate device, and it would probably help if you didn’t already own the app I’m giving away. It’s just a little present from me to you by way of saying thanks for visiting – happy holidays, y’all!

*: I will open this up to US iTunes accounts as soon as I can get my hands on more credits for my American account! I need to actually cross the border to do this, so I’ll try to do it this week and then US readers can play too!

Enough goodwill towards man – let’s see some apps!


Device: All
Genre: Space Shooter
Price: Free (sale)

Cosmosis is a side scrolling 2D space shooter with high ratings and a big fan base. It’s free for today only, so if you’re into that sort of thing you should take a look at this. The screens look very pretty, so I’m curious as to how this will look on my iPhone – downloading now!

Orba: Colour Smasher

Device: All
Genre: Colour matching
Price: Free (sale)

A pretty new take on an old standby – tap the orbs to remove chains of like colours. Games like this are the ultimate time killer – I used to play a version of this for hours upon hours on my Compaq PDA. Free for a limited time!


Flying Brothers

Device: All
Genre: Jumping puzzle with ragdoll physics
Price: Free (sale)

I’m a sucker for circuses and ragdoll physics – put the two together and tell me it’s free, and I’ll at least take a look. This app claims to be “6-in-1!” – which, in addition to being how Ed asked me out on our first date, is an intriguing concept. Download while free!

The Infinity Project

Device: All
Genre: First Person Shooter
Price: Free (sale)

A polished and awesome looking shooter game! I can’t wait to check this title out – it looks like a lot of fun, and the reviews are positive across the board. Definitely worth the download to try it out – free titles are awesome!


Assault Squadron

Device: All
Genre: 1942 in Space
Price: Free (sale)

Earlier this year, I had a brief gig writing app reviews for Gamers with Casts. Assault Squadron was the first game I reviewed (you can check out my words here), and I thought it was a good deal for a dollar – but now it’s free, so logically it’s an even better deal. It won’t be for everyone – if you can’t handle bullet spam, you may want to skip it – but it’s pretty and has a good soundtrack, so if my review piqued your interest you should take advantage of the freeness and download away.

The Daily Show

Device: All
Genre: Official Daily Show app from Comedy Central
Price: Free, but only available in the US (jerks)

Jon Stewart, on your phone – woohoo! This is installing now, but I am not sure if it will work – will it restrict my access because I’m a filthy Canadian? I can download it via my US iTunes account, but what about the content? I must have content. How else will I know the reasons I hate Republicans so much?!

Knights Rush

Device: All
Genre: Side scrolling frantic fighting action
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Another hit title released by Chillingo, Knights Rush is a fun side scroller with power ups and monsters and an all-new retro 8-bit level. I bought this game when it first came out, and it was a great deal of fun – get it while it’s on sale for 67% off!


That was a lot of words, so if you’ve stuck with me thus far, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! On the First Day of Appmas, Kimli will give to one lucky person:


My favourite of the bunch! To enter, leave a comment below. I’ll pick a winner and announce it on the next App Blast post, then gift Hipstamatic to you!

What app will be given away next? You have to stick around to find out! Hooray for giving! Enter now to win!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul on December 7, 2010 at 12:15 pm


    I’m a hipster without Hipstamatic.

    I feel ashamed.




  3. Posted by Amanda on December 7, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I am attempting to win apps for Jason for christmas!!!


  4. It seems all the cool kids have hipstamatic. I don’t, therefore I’m not cool. I feel much shame.


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