happy friday app blast!

The apps themselves aren’t particularly happy, but I’m in a good mood so you should download things and have fun!

Three Degrees of Wikipedia

Device: All
Genre: Wikiskipping!
Price: $0.99 (sale)

*grumble* I bought this last night for full price – damn my impetuous purchasing! 3DoW is a Wikipedia link game in which you are given two seemingly unconnected topics – you must find the one thing that links them together. Some are simple: how do you get from Halloween to candy? – but others are more difficult: go from vagina to Antarctica with only one jump between. If you’ve ever wasted hours upon hours following random links through Wikipedia articles, you’ll like this. Go go nerd power!

Corpse Craft

Device: iPad
Genre: Edward Gorey RTS with zombies!
Price: Free to try; $3.99 in-app purchase for full game

It’s finally here! Corpse Craft had me bouncing with anticipation earlier this week, and now it’s available for download. It’s apparently an old Flash game ported to the iPad, but I’m excited anyway – I love Edward Gorey and dark humour, so this looks to be up my alley. Check it out!


Device: All
Genre: Turn your city into a battlefield via FourSquare
Price: Free

Grabbed this app on a whim. Requires a FourSquare account to use – fight people for buildings, and defend your properties. Allows you to check into FourSquare in the app, which is handy – I’ve taken over much of my corner of downtown (some of it hostile), and it looks kind of neat. Worth a look at if you want more out of the FourSquare experience.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by herbderb on December 4, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Whoa, the Corpse Craft one looks awesome! Thanks for the tip.


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