apps for rich people

These are pricier than the apps I usually pimp out, but they’re pretty spectacular if you feel like splurging a little:

Nick Chase: A Detective Story

Device: iPad
Genre: crime/puzzle/action/comic book
Price: $4.99 (sale)

I’ve been looking for things to play on my iPad, and this caught my eye yesterday. It’s a really well done hidden object/puzzle game with a great comic book/1940’s crime story feel to it. The entire game is narrated, and the puzzles – while not especially challenging to a total genius like I am – are creative and different. If you like games of this genre, this is a great title to grab while it’s on sale!

Rock Band Reloaded

Device: All
Genre: Music
Price: $4.99 (universal)/$9.99 (HD)

Do you fancy yourself a singer? Do you want to be a rock star? Rock Band Reloaded is an all new game that finally has voice recognition for your inner diva, which is awesome – it was the one piece missing from the first Rock Band game for the iDevice. New songs are added constantly and are available via in-app purchase, AND they added achievements and awards for the gratification junkies among us. All the fun of playing Rock Band without plastic instruments all over your living room – it’s a total win!

Angry Birds Seasons

Device: All
Genre: Angry Birds!
Price: $0.99/$1.99 HD

If you bought the Angry Birds Halloween standalone release, then you already have this – it looks as though Rovio is updating the app to add new content for seasons instead of releasing a new one each time. The Christmas release is fun – it’s set up like an advent calendar, with one new level to play each day until the 25th. You can also play all 45 Halloween episodes in this app as well. I’ve heard people complaining that these festive levels weren’t simply added to the main Angry Birds game and refusing to pay more money out of “principal”, but come on – Angry Birds has been $1 since day one, consists of over 200 levels, is constantly updated, and has provided hours upon hours of entertainment. If Rovio doesn’t deserve at LEAST another dollar for the 70 new themed levels, then you are cheap and likely mean. For the rest of us – have at it! It’s Angry Birds time!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathryn on December 2, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Thanks for all the ipad selections recently! My iphone is completely full so I’ve begun to fill up the ipad instead.

    You ever type out a sentence and realize that if you were not you you’d really hate yourself?


  2. Posted by Misty on December 3, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Question: if you’ve purchased apps on the iPhone, and then buy an iPad, do you automatically own the iPad versions of the iPhone apps you already own? Or do you have to buy the iPad versions too? (Did that make sense?)


    • It did – and unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way šŸ™‚ The two versions are separate (for example, I own Fruit Ninja for the iPhone and Fruit Ninja HD for the iPad), BUT, most iPhone apps will run on an iPad. If they’re not HD already, it’ll appear on the screen the same size as it does on your phone and there’s a “2x” button you can press to make the app bigger. It certainly won’t be as crisp, but it’s totally playable.

      Some newer apps are coming out in HD meant for both devices – I bought Rage HD and it runs great on my iPhone and full sized on my iPad, so I didn’t need to buy it twice.

      Hope that helps – lemmie know if it doesn’t šŸ˜€


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