happy appcember

Give yourself the gift of apps! Help me justify why I have so bloody many things installed on my iPhone!

Gaze HD – Fires and More (lite)

Device: iPad
Genre: Digital Fire!
Price: Free (lite version)/$0.99

I normally avoid lite apps like the plague – if I want something, I’ll splurge and spend the dollar – but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s FIRE! For your iPAD! Just like the beloved TV fire channel for people without fireplaces! Hell, for people WITH fireplaces! I have a beautiful vision of my house this holiday season; aglow with fake fires lit up on every single device I own. That’s a hell of a lot of fake fires, and this app is exactly the thing I need to make all my ridiculous dreams come true. Hooray! I sure hope this app includes a random arm to stoke the fire!

Time Geeks: Find All

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Pixelated hidden object
Price: Free (iSmall)/$0.99 (iBig)

This is a pretty cute hidden object game done up in pixels. There are secret nerd references sprinkled throughout the scenes, which are fun to find – I played through this on the iPhone, but I imagine it would look pretty sweet on the iPad as well. It’s free for the iSmall and a dollar for the iBig, so check out the free version to see if it’s something you’d be into.

Fruit Ninja HD

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Fruit slashing goodness
Price: $0.99 (all versions)

Fruit Ninja for the iPad is on sale for a buck, and it includes some multi-player action that makes it totally worth getting. I’m installing it as we speak, and plan to challenge Ed to battle for the title of Supreme Ruler of Awesome tonight. Spoiler Alert: I win, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Rarely does something on the app store make me whine with restless anticipation, but I REALLY WANT TO LOOK AT THIS GAME! It’s called Corpse Craft, and the screenshots look amazing – an Edward Gorey-styled RTS fighting game? HELL YES! However, it’s not showing up in either the US or Canadian iTunes store and this is making me fidget and drool. WANT GAME NOW PLZ. LOOKS FUN. GIMMIE. I will be hitting refresh all day until it shows up; then I will download and chortle maniacally.

2 responses to this post.

  1. For you racing/driving fans, Driver is free for today as well. Large download, be prepared.


  2. I’ve totally sent this link to two friends. One OWNS the fireplace DVD, and the other was THRILLED to burn a copy of it. Heh.

    Ahhh, not-so-roasting chestnuts on the open fire. Less stinky.


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