Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends – enjoy your turkey and weird green bean/fried onion dish! For the rest of us, here are SO MANY APPS!

ChuChu Rocket!

Device: All
Genre: Action Puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale)

SEGA has jumped into the sale party, offering ChuChu Rocket! for $0.99 (iSmall)/$2.99 (iPad). I wish I had waited to pick this title up, because I bought it for $5 when it launched – a fortune, in iTunes money. Take advantage of my hubris and get this bizarre (but really fun) title now!


Meow Meow Happy Fight

Device: All
Genre: dual-stick laser shooter pew pew pew
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Both the iSmall and iBig versions of Meow Meow Happy Fight are on sale for $0.99 until Monday – go! This is a futuristic game full of lasers and power-ups, and is absolutely worth the dollar – it’s a great big neon mess of a good time, so have a look if you’re in the mood for something ridiculous to go with your turducken and pie(s).



Device: All (scales up nicely for the iPad, no x2 needed)
Genre: poster making
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I’m a big fan of Phoster, and not just because they keep adding new, free templates to download. Make yourself some extremely stylish posters for anything you can imagine and save them or share online with others. I’ve had a lot of fun making some completely nonsensical images for my own amusement, and it’ll be the first app I turn to when I need to make some snazzy-looking flyers or banners for the public eye.



Device: All
Genre: Movie trivia
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I urged you to get MovieCat when it launched at $2.99, pleaded with you when it was $1.99, and now I’m ORDERING you to get it now that it’s $0.99. There is no reason not to have this completely awesome and super fun, well done app – looks great, sounds great, and oh man is it a blast. New questions and bonus rounds are being added all the time, and there’s no sign that they’re planning on stopping – so, go. Get it now. Don’t make me come up there.


Golden Axe

Device: All
Genre: Old school side scrolling adventure
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Another SEGA sale app for the nostalgic gamers amongst you – hack and slash your way through mythical baddies to save the day, rescue the king and win the heart of his daughter, all while wearing a loin cloth and a dragon-tooth necklace. What’s not to like?



Airport Mania: First Flight HD

Device: iPad/iSmall
Genre: Time management ala Diner Dash
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Both the iBig and iSmall versions of Airport Mania are on sale for a dollar. It’s a goofy little game, but one that I’ve spent a lot time in – there’s something about adorable anthropomorphic airplanes patiently waiting their turn to unload/load passengers that is just a lot of fun. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no TSA or actual people involved – just the planes. If you’re looking for a good zombie-free time waster, you can’t go wrong with Airport Mania.



Device: All
Genre: Newspaper delivery simulator
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Here’s one I’m excited about – I wanted to get Paperboy when it first came out, but they were asking $4.99 for it. That’s pretty pricey for a port of a 26-year-old game, but a dollar I wouldn’t think twice about. Hooray for restraint! Sometimes it saves you money!



Device: All
Genre: Education disguised as fun
Price: Free

Bone up (heh heh) on your math skills with this free app. Admit it, you’re all jealous of my Good Will Hunting skills when we go out to restaurants – install this edu-game while it’s free, and soon you could be doing mental math that will amaze and astound your friends (but still not get you laid).


Retro Camera Plus

Device: Needs a camera
Genre: Photo manipulation
Price: Free (ad supported)

@trishussey turned me onto this camera app, which I quite like – I just really, really wish the makers had built in an option to pay to remove ads, which I would gladly do. Retro Camera Plus comes with 5 very cool retro-esq cameras to choose from, each delivering fun images. The screenshots don’t show the ads, which is finger-waggingly tricky – still, I hold out hope they’ll update with other options soon, and it’s definitely a fun little camera for free (I just really hate ads). Check it out and snap some pics of those candied yams, you American weirdos!

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  1. I LOVE MovieCat! I am so glad you ordered me to get it!!


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