frosty november app news

The Big News: iOS4.2 has finally been released!

iOS 4.2

Device: All
Genre: software update
Price: free

iOS 4.2 has FINALLY landed, and I am excited: folders and app switching on the iPad! HOORAY! I’ve been waiting for this since day one – having seven pages of apps on the iPad floating about all willy nilly kind of freaks me out, so I’m really looking forward to being as anal retentive on my iPad as I am with my iPhone. Also, I’ll be able to install and play Lego Harry Potter! There are other big changes with this new OS too:

  • AirPlay (allows you to stream from your iDevice to Apple TV and more)
  • AirPrint (no printer drivers required to print)
  • Big Game Center update
  • Find My iPhone is now FREE, goddamnit (iPhone 4, iPad and 4th Gen iTouch only)
  • and more!

I’ll be updating my iPad as soon as I get home, but not my iPhone – that’ll stay 4.1 until 4.2 is jailbroken. I need to be able to tether my iPad (it’s Wi-Fi only) in case of internet emergency, but I’m okay without having the other fancy options for the time being. It’ll only be a matter of time before things are cracked for us troublemakers!

Here’s an app you can enjoy on your iDevices after you’ve upgraded:

Star Dunk

Device: All
Genre: Space Basketball
Price: Free (ad supported)

I installed Star Dunk last week and introduced Ed to it on Friday, and we both promptly lost most of our weekend to it. It’s an online multiplayer free-throw game, and it’s incredibly fun and challenging. It’s been out for a while but I didn’t pay it any attention – that was stupid, and now I am regretting all that time I had in which I could have been playing Star Dunk but instead was working or sleeping.

Find My iPhone

Device: iPhone 4, iPad and 4th gen iTouch
Genre: location tool
Price: Free (no longer requires MobileMe account)

As mentioned above, Find My iPhone is now free for newer devices – if you don’t already have this installed, you now have no excuse. Go!




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