hey, apps


Device: All
Genre: Post-nuclear first person shooter from ID
Price: $0.99/$1.99 (HD)

Rage is awesome. I gushed about it over on my regular blog. Go there to see what I thought beyond the gush.


Not into post-apocalyptic zombie clowns?

The Incident

Device: All
Genre: Retro-style climbing
Price: $0.99 (sale)

The Incident is charming and fun. It’s on sale for a dollar, and worth picking up. Beware the orange couch.



Looking to work out the brain along with your thumbs?


Device: iPad only
Genre: Picross-style puzzler
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I hate these games, but I’ll give this a shot for a dollar (down from 5). Screenshots look interesting, and I’m looking for more games for my iPad so here we are.



Need a little bit of wtf in your day?

Mad Chad

Device: All
Genre: Dude, where’s my pigeon
Price: $0.99 (launch price)

Someone stole Chad’s pigeon, and he is not happy about it. Chad is apparently a football player – Chad Ochocinco – but I know nothing of sports, let alone American football. I got this app because it was a dollar and it looks cute. The end.

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