three for free for thee

These apps will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!#!@


Device: All
Genre: Dual-stick shooter
Price: Free (sale)

Minigore has been featured on this site before, and right now it’s free (for the next 2 days). It’s a good shoot-’em-up that’ll get out some of that aggression after a particularly crappy day – definitely worth grabbing for free if you don’t have it already. If you picked up and liked Age of Zombies, you’ll like Minigore!


Radiant/Radiant HD

Device: iSmall/iBig
Genre: Space Invaders on acid
Price: Free (sale)

Hexage is making a name for themselves by reinventing old classics and delivering a solid good time. Radiant is available for all devices and features a metric assload of levels, a flurry of pixelated neon action, and very good reviews. I’ve already been very impressed with their not-at-all-a-pac-man-clone EVAC; Radiant (besides having a name that messes with my head) looks to be a very well done homage along those lines. I can’t wait to get into this one, and have already made a spot for it in one of my 10 million app folders.


Mr. AahH!!

Device: All
Genre: Falling
Price: Free (sale)

I’ve had Mr. AahH!! for a while, but it’s currently free and worth a look. Your goal is to get your little dude – the aforementioned Mr. AahH!! – onto each of the Pillars of Surprisingly Peril, as close to the target as possible. It’s surprisingly tricky as you have to work with wind and gravity to make sure you make it to the next area safely. A simple but excellent time waster that allows you to use the acceleromakatron to fine-tune your descent. Fun and free!



Device: All
Genre: Ring Toss
Price: Free (sale)

I have NO IDEA what’s going on here. There’s an octopus that looks like a blow-up doll; a multi-coloured whale, a baby bottle and an evil rabbit? It appears to be some kind of ring toss game, touted as a “traditional game in Asia!”. I don’t know what that means, or why the octopus looks so surprised. It is very confusing. I am downloading with severe trepidation.

And yes, I realize there are four games listed here, not three – I can’t count, okay. There must be an app for that somewhere.

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