thursday apps for you

Alert! In-App Purchases! Safety Boom!

Device: All
Genre: Mixed puzzles
Price: Free for first few levels; $1.99 to unlock Episode 1

I’m not a big fan of “free” apps that are actually lite versions that require you to pony up to buy the full game, but I’m kind of intrigued by this game. Using a variety of motions, figure out how to disassemble the crib/puzzle box/explody bombs before the clock ticks down. I’m only a couple levels in, but I’m enjoying it so far – it’s worth the free download to see if you want to buy the rest of the game, but I wish they’d say that up front.

Smurfs’ Village

Device: All
Genre: Farmville, with Smurfs
Price: Free with in-app purchases

Still hate Farmville games, but I have a soft spot for retro. CapCom Mobile managed to do an excellent job of recreating the look of the Smurfs’ cartoon, and put it up in a cute little MMO complete with Gargamel and mushroom houses. I’ll likely keep the game solely for that reason – unlike CCM’s other MMO-esq game I’m playing (Lil’ Pirates), Smurfs’ Village only allows you to find friends via Facebook; something I don’t really want to do. Still, if you loved Smurfs when you were wee, take a look at this app for cuteness alone.


Device: All
Genre: Word Games
Price: Free

How many words can you find in the name of your town? Build up your city with people and buildings as you rearrange letters to spell words. Find enough words and unlock additional cities to build from the ground up. I’ve had this one for a while, and I enjoy it (now that it’s working in iOS4) – I can’t stop until I find every damn word. Special tip for people playing Pocket Frogs – go into the game and see if it prompts you to get Textropolis to unlock some special stuff. Both games are by NimbleBit, who make great, creative apps that are usually free for some silly reason, like this one.

Hi Future Self

Device: All
Genre: Reminders
Price: Free

Do you have trouble remembering things? Do you keep a To-Do list that never gets done? You likely need something like Hi Future Self – send yourself push notifications for picking up milk/dry cleaning/the kid from daycare, hours or days in advance. It’s a simple tool, but one that is very useful if you totally suck at real life (like we all do sometimes). Free for basic use, or upgrade to add repeat reminders and other features for just a buck. I’ve got it set to remind myself to go home later today (I sometimes forget, actually) – and because I am who I am, I’m looking forward to sending myself creepy-ass messages at a random point in the future, just because.

Geared HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Motion Logic Puzzle
Price: Free for iPad; $0.99 for iPhone

Geared is a very popular puzzle game that is currently free for the iPad. Choose the correct gears to unlock the mechanism in over 150 different levels. I’m really bad at these games, but I know most people love them – so if you’ve got an iBig, jump in and see what all the fuss is about.

Train Conductor

Device: All
Genre: Puzzle
Price: Free

Put on a striped hat and guide your trains to safety. How far can you go before creating total train catastrophe? Switch up the tracks and keep to your schedule to advance, unlocking levels all around Australia for some reason. Choo-choo-choose to get it while it’s free!


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