all quiet on the app front (plus: cases!)

Slim pickings in these parts, but I do what I can:

Word Warrior

Device: All except the 3G
Genre: Word Adventure
Price: Free

We’ve yet to see Bookworm Adventures on the iDevice, but this may tide you over until then – it’s an adventure game that requires you to spell words as fast as you can to defeat enemies. Reported to be very fast-paced; I’ve installed it but haven’t had a chance to play. I love word games, so I’m looking forward to this.

Puzzled Keiki

Device: All
Genre: Huge eyes and puzzles
Price: Free

Poor Keiki – not only does he have a dumb name, no nose and an unfortunate haircut, he is puzzled by everything around him. Help him solve puzzles to complete missions and bring balance to the world around him. Downloading now; hoping I can get over having such a ridiculous icon on my phone.


Lonely Planet London

Device: All
Genre: Travel Guide
Price: Free

London is very high on my list of places I’d love to go, so I’ll be downloading this free LP travel guide on the off chance I get to go there some day.



This isn’t an app, but is kind of neat anyway – Moleskine has finally come out with combo notepad/device covers. They’re not on the Moleskine US website, but they’re on the Asia one which DOES ship to Canada. Check ’em out:

iPhone cover; 470HKD = $61USD (might only be for the 3G/3GS)

iPad cover; 800HKD = $103USD

Pretty cool, but also pretty pricey. I’ve actually been looking for a case for my iPad that is similar to a notebook – as much as I love Twelve South’s BookBook case ($70USD) and the always-popular DodoCase ($60USD); their “free shipping!!!” is continental US only. I’d pay $60-70 for an iPad case, but when you add the $35.60 (BookBook)/$25 (Dodocase) in shipping to Canada, it’s suddenly a little harder to swallow. Enter my new favourite company: Portenzo! They make iDevice cases very similar to the Dodocase, with a whole bunch of colour options. I ordered two cases; one for my phone and one for my iPad. Total shipping: $12.95. My order shipped in two packages, and the first arrived this morning. I’m totally thrilled – it’s perfect. It looks gorgeous, smells like fine Corinthian leather, and came with multiple hand-written thank you notes.

so fancy!

tons of interior colour choices (i love bright green ok)

fits the ipad perfectly with holes for ports/power; held snug with rubber grips

So, yeah. I kind of love this. It’s the same price as some of the others, but great customer service and NOT being screwed over on the shipping makes Portenzo the clear winner in this stylish little race.

As you were, then!

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  1. […] cases shipped separately and I only got the first one today but it’s really awesome: check my app blog for pics and a review. The case, boots and various girl sauces from Sephora mean I have a busy […]


  2. I think I’ll get the Dremel and make my own iPhone case out of a Moleskine instead. 🙂


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