a saturday made of awesome (special guest star: an android app)

I was bored and on the prowl for new apps last night, and grabbed three on a whim – and they’re all completely fantastic. Sorry, wallet.

Sushi Boy

Device: All
Genre: So very Japanese
Price: $0.99

The screenshots were bright and colourful, so I picked up Sushi Boy – and promptly lost several hours playing it. Catch sushi falling from the ski, but avoid the dangerous (bombs, fish hooks) and the nasty (old boots, poo). When you pass a level, you become SUPER SUSHI BOY – collect coins to buy stylish hats, helpful pets or new scenery. It sounds simple but is a great deal of fun, with some genuinely wacky Japanese humour throughout. I’m really glad I grabbed this title – sometimes the things bought on a total whim turn out to be the best thing about your Friday night (yeah I have no life but that’s ok).



Device: iSmall/iBig (HD)/Android
Genre: NOT a pac-man clone
Price: $0.99

Don’t let the images fool you – while this could easily be ignored as yet another Pac-Man clone, there’s a lot more to EVAC than meets the eye (*robot noises*). You are trying to escape this cold harsh reality by collecting the colours that have been horded by evil forces. This game looks fantastic on both the iBig and iSmall, has a great soundtrack, and is a great deal of fun. I found myself quite vested in the fate of my happy little pink square, and swearing at the security forces coming out to stop him from getting away. Sure, the yellow squares have a serious case of emo going on, but at least they’re useful and will help you in your quest to gtfo. Put that dollar to good use, and grab EVAC for your device of choice today – you shan’t regret it!


Device: All
Genre: Gravity-bending puzzle scroller with a cute robot on a wheel
Price: FREE

The icon is for the free Halloween level pack, but don’t let it fool you otherwise. GravBot is the App Store’s Game of the Week, for good reason – it’s well done and looks great. Navigate your one wheel through the hazardous terrain, collecting screws to advance. Can you get the gold medal for each level? I can’t, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I like well-done puzzles with cute protagonists, and GravBot did not disappoint – 15mb well downloaded, in my opinion. Check out the Halloween level pack – it plus the original levels are free, and you can buy two other level packs for a dollar each if you want more gameplay. Go forth and manipulate gravity!

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