Lil’ Pirates

Device: All
Genre: Pirate-themed MMO kinda
Price: Free

I usually stay away from games like this, but this has been holding my attention for the last 12 hours or so (aka an eternity in this hyper-short-attention-span world). It’s a pirate game in which you are the head of a ship of scurvy dogs that you can send out on tasks and play mini-games with. You can decorate your ship and pirates, and trade gifts/rewards with friends. The game allows you to connect to your Facebook, but if you’re like me you probably hate people who spam their friends with stupid little game announcements – so instead, you can find friends via email. If you decide to play, you can look me up at drunkbettie at gmail dot com – we can be pirates together! Most of the game happens out of your view – tasks can take 2 minutes to 24+ hours to complete, so you’re not constantly sitting around micromanaging your crew. It’s cute, free and non-intrusive unless you want it to be – I’m having fun dressing my pirates up in costumes and sending them to do my bidding, the reward of which I will collect some time in the future. There’s very little I need to do, which is ideal – I don’t have the time or desire to play an Animal Crossing-style game that requires constant attention. There isn’t much else out on this damp Friday, but this is pretty entertaining for the price of free.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love finding an app that I actually enjoy playing with.
    Flight control (i think thats what its called) has been my fave for the longest.


  2. I fired this one up for two hours tonight. I thought it’d keep my attention longer than that, but nope.. it didn’t. Needs more swashbuckling..


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