remember remember the fourth of november

Wait, what?

Chop Chop Soccer

Device: All
Genre: Sports as played by ninjas with enormous heads and shifty eyes
Price: Free

Another hit game from the makers of Chop Chop Ninja, Chop Chop Tennis, Chop Chop Dishwasher, Chop Chop Hockey and Chop Chop Turkey Sandwich, Chop Chop Soccer is free for a limited time. Simple touch controls and an excellent track record of fun is nothing to sneer at, so pick up this title while it’s free.



Device: All
Genre: An experiment in primary colours
Price: Free

I have no idea what’s going on here. There are no trees, just bright colours. What am I supposed to do with them? Connect them? Or is that part a lie too? I am so confused. It’s a good thing this app is free and has good ratings, or I’d be so mad. Is the yellow thing pointy, or is the red thing a face? I want my mommy.


The Secret of Grisly Manor

Device: All
Genre: A misleadingly titled (it’s not grisly at ALL) but very neat puzzle game
Price:  $0.99

I am kind of annoyed that this game is on sale for a dollar, because I bought it when it came out and spent $3 on it. Still, it’s a good (if kind of short) game (I’m hoping for updates with new chapters) – wander through the empty house picking up clues and solving puzzles in an attempt to locate your grandfather. It’s similar to Antrim Escape, which I know a lot of you liked – worth the dollar for sure (but too short for THREE dollars, damnit).

Now, if you’ll bare with me for just one second:

Doodle Devil

Device: All
Price:  $0.99

The makers of Doodle God – one of my favouritest apps – released a Halloween special of sorts, a mini stand alone Doodle God game. You’ve got two elements: a human and an apple .. and from here, you need to create and then destroy the world. I LOVE Doodle God, and literally danced in my seat with glee when I saw this. Pick up both games for a dollar each – Doodle God is up to four episodes now and is made of fun, and Doodle Devil is bound to be more of the same. YAY!

Speaking of fantastic updates:

Hipstamatic 1.80

Device: needs a camera
Genre: Hipster photography!
Price:  $1.99 for the app; $0.99 for the in-app film/lens packs

The latest Hipstamatic release came out this morning, and has some fun changes (you can change the colour of your camera, for starters). It also includes a new bundle you can purchase for a dollar – and holy crap, you really need to do it. It’s a Salvador Dali set, with proceeds going to the Dali Museum. That’s all fine and good, but the new lens and film in the Dali GoodPak add a random element of awesome and bizarre that you really have to see to appreciate:


pip-boy goes meta


Love it. I am going to have some crazy-ass fun with this.

Fruit Ninja 1.5

Device: All
Genre: Slash that fruit!
Price:  $0.99

Halfbrick Studios released a huge update for Fruit Ninja, finally unveiling Banana Mode: it’s an Arcade mode, with great new gameplay features. If you don’t have Fruit Ninja already, you’re probably one of those people who hates things that are popular just for the sake of hating, like Ed Tang. Yeah, you’re Ed Tang. Stop being Ed Tang already, and get Fruit Ninja with the cool new Banana Mode.
Device: All
Genre: Awesome movie trivia
Price: $1.99 (sale!)

If you didn

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