trick or treat? have some apps!

Huge update for this Halloween Sunday:

Ragdoll Blaster 2

Device: All
Genre: Physics puzzle
Price: Free

Ragdoll games are pretty popular, and for good reason – they’re a lot of fun. Shoot your ragdoll out of a canon to hit the various targets to pass the level. Great for bad days; you can name the ragdoll to the people who are presenting pissing you off and watch them fly off into brick walls and pointy spikes. You probably shouldn’t tell people you do that, but it’s very satisfying. I’ve had this app for ages, and I enjoy it mightily – go forth and canonize, my pretties!



Device: All
Genre: Kill the Vampire Pigs!
Price: Free

I grabbed this based on the premise alone – evil creatures are all up in your business, and the only weapon you have available is a pogo stick. Tilt your iDevice to and fro as you pogo the hell out of zombies, bats and vampire pigs (who just can’t seem to catch a break on the iDevice; they’re always the villain). Cute pixel graphics, ridiculous premise, free – yeah, I’m all over this like salsa down my shirt.

Duke Nukem 3D SE

Device: iPad
Genre: First Person Shooter
Price: Free

This is a port of the original Duke Nukem 3D for the iPad. Relive your time spent as a future serial killer, as games like this are the reason we all go on frequent shooting rampages. Get this for nostalgia factor, but don’t look for any ground-breaking technologies here: it’s old school monster shooting with an attitude, now made more or less pocket sized.



Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide

Device: All
Genre: Travel information
Price: Free

Lonely Planet makes some of the most popular travel guides around, and most of them are available on the iDevice. I snap these up whenever they’re free, just in case I wake up rich and want to travel the world. This week, San Francisco and New York are free – a place I’ve been, and a place I really want to go. Offline maps (important, as offline = no data roaming), recommended places to visit and things to do, neighbourhood maps, food/shopping/hotel/nightlife guides – all things you need while traveling, all in one handy place. These things are great, and free is pretty awesome. This’ll be installed the next time I visit SFO!

Monster Kill

Device: All
Genre: Monster killing!
Price: Free

Incoming monsters! Teach them a lesson using your arsenal of spells: slice ’em in two, cast a fireball, freeze ’em with ice, and more. Learn their weaknesses and use it against them in this castle defense game with pretty lofty accolades. I’m installing this now – I have a soft spot for defending my castles – and have some fun on what appears to be a rainy Halloween night!


Galaxy on Fire 3D

Device: All
Genre: Space Shooter
Price: Free

Galaxy on Fire is a hugely popular space shooter/trading RPG that is free to celebrate the launch of Galaxy on Fire 2. If you’re sick of zombies and various monsters, try your hand at space combat app. There’s about 20 hours of gameplay in this story-driven game, which is enough to keep most people out of trouble for a little while.


Let’s Golf HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Golf!
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Let’s Golf is one of the best golf games available on the iDevice. It’s very similar to Hot Shots Golf series for the Playstations, featuring the same cartoon-like graphics but realistic game play. I’ve played Hot Shots Golf (it’s a secret favourite), and recognized what Gameloft was going for – and they did a very good job. I am not a huge fan of golf under any circumstance, but Let’s Golf is a lot of fun and is a steal for a dollar. Pick it up if you have an iPad in need of some fun – you won’t be sorry*!

*Disclaimer: You might be sorry, but I hold no responsibility for your sorriness before or after purchasing any app recommended on this site 😛

Airport Mania HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Time Management
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Airport Mania is similar to the Diner Dash series of time management games – direct planes in and out of your airport in a timely manner for points. I secretly love the Airport Mania games, and have sunk untold hours into helping my tiny planes into my tiny airports. It’s even more fun on the iPad; the graphics are great and you can easily lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it, you better never let it go – you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo. I bought this app for $5 when it first came out for the iPad – like I said, I really like this game – so take laugh at my hasty purchasing and get it while it’s only a dollar.

Wolfenstein RPG

Device: all
Genre: Escape from Castle Wolfenstein in an RPG
Price: $0.99 (sale)

YAY! WOLFENSTEIN! RtCW is my very favouritest of all FPS games, and this is a great Wolfenstein Role Playing Game. Escape from the clutches of Nazi Germany in this very fun game that had me squeeing with delight when I encountered elements from RtCW. What can I say – I’m a Wolfenstein fangirl, through and through.

EA is actually having a huge sale right now – a whole crapton of fantastic games are on sale for a dollar, like Battleship, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and more. Who needs Halloween candy? Get yourself some great Halloween apps instead!

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