so old school they tore the school down

We’re going old school today:


Device: All
Genre: PAC-MAN!
Price: $0.99 (sale, multiple versions)

Namco is having a PAC-SALE – all versions of PAC-MAN and his woman for all devices are on sale for a dollar each. The iPad version is particularly nice, but it’s a fun time-waster for the iSmall too. If you’re feeling retro, grab a PAC-MAN and start eating dots and ghosts!


ChuChu Rocket

Device: All
Genre: escape plan puzzles
Price: $4.99 iSmall/$6.99 iBig (ouch. launch price maybe?)

I picked this up because I have some credits, but at $5 it’s a little tough to swallow. The game is as cute and as frantic as ever, but the controls take some getting used to. You may want to keep an eye on this and pick it up if it ever goes on sale, or see if SEGA releases a Lite version.


I Love Katamari

Device: All
Genre: favourite Japanese wacky fun
Price: $2.99 (sale)

I DO love Katamari. This game has been out for the iDevice for some time now, but was virtually unplayable when it first came out. Subsequent updates have vastly improved the game play, and now it’s a relatively solid title. I own every Katamari-related thing available (and sometimes otherwise) – it’s one of my very favourite things ever. The iDevice app has much of the charm of the console versions (it could use more King though), including the incredible soundtrack. If you’ve never experienced Katamari, this is a good introduction – the game makes good use of tilt controls, and is a good fit for the iDevice. You, too, will soon love Katamari if you get this game while it’s on sale.

Age of Zombies

Device: All
Genre: dual-stick shooter starring Barry Steakfries
Price: $2.99 (launch price)

This is technically a new game, but since it involves time travel to the past, I can consider it old school. This is the latest iOffering from Halfbrick Studios; they of the Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash. You are Barry Steakfries, and you have been sent back in time to battle zombies throughout the ages. The game play is very similar to that in MiniGore, but has the style and humour that Halfbrick is known for. Wait for a sale or grab it now, but you won’t be sorry either way.


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