i snoozed and losed

And right after I complain about nothing interesting happening, I somehow miss the biggest scandal in iTunes since the flashlight app that unlocked AT&T tethering and TapTapTap’s fantastic Camera+ being pulled because they used the volume button to control the shutter: someone created an MS-DOS app that somehow got through the screening process. Big deal, right? Except people very quickly figured out why the app was created and what the developers couldn’t flat out say:

You can install anything that was once installed via DOS, on your iPhone. Click the image to be taken to the article and thread on Touch Arcade – people are installing old games and running things that were never intended to be available on the iPhone. Fully functional Windows, old Sierra *.* Quest games, Warcraft II, Duke Nukem – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most video game emulators run on DOS – if you were quick enough to grab this $1 app before Apple pulled it, you’d be able to play old NES/SNES/Sega/whatever you want games on your iPhone. I was way too late to get in on this – the app has been universally pulled (although is available on Cydia, if you’re jailbroken) – but if you were one of the fast and furious, you’ve just unlocked a whole crapload of old timey nerd power and I am jealous. Normally I’m right on top of this stuff, but I’ve been crazy busy at work all day long and just LOOK what I missed out on. šŸ˜¦


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