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You ignore iTunes for a day and what happens? A BUNCH OF STUFF:


Device: All
Genre: Physics Puzzle
Price: Free

Moblox is a physics puzzle in which you must save the green blocks while avoiding the obstacles and traps. I’m just installing it now, but it looks pretty neat – definitely worth a look while it’s free, at any rate.




Device: All
Genre: A very bad idea
Price: Free

This is the official Sephora app that allows you shop online, look at the latest trends, view new releases, locate stores, create shopping lists, read reviews and more. It has a built-in barcode and QR code scanner, links up to your Beauty Insider account, and is basically the entire Sephora website on your phone. It’s a must-have for any girlie-girl, especially if you’re a hardcore nerd with a semi-secret weakness for ridiculously priced cosmetics or something. I’m not pointing fingers or anything; I just am a complete whore for Sephora.



Device: All devices with a microphone
Genre: Futuristic awesomeness (music recognition)
Price: Free

SoundHound (and its arch enemy, Shazam) has been around for years, but some people still don’t have it. It’s one of those “look how awesome the future is” apps, but one that happens to be really useful to boot – what’s that song? I don’t know! Use SoundHound to “listen” to the mystery tune, and it will figure it out for you. It works really well, and is a great tool to have around. I use it whenever I hear a song I like but aren’t familiar with – open the app, press the button, and 30 seconds later I have an identity with a link right to the song and album in iTunes. There is no real reason not to have this app – well, maybe if you were deaf – but you should install it now if you haven’t already.



Device: All
Genre: Tilt shift generator
Price: $0.99 (sale)

TiltShift is a handy little tool that allows you to manipulate pictures (either from your photo album or taken real time) and make objects look like toys. It’s fun to play with, and this tool is a pretty powerful one – I’ve made some neat-looking pictures with it. Gastown looks so cute in miniature form! The app is on sale to celebrate the latest release, and is a good deal if you like tinkering with your images.



Big Bad Flower

Device: All
Genre: Reflexive world domination
Price: $1.99

I picked up Big Bad Flower last night because I liked the screenshots and description, but dude – the game is HARD. You are an evil sunflower attempting to take over the world, but you’re constantly thwarted by small woodland creatures who are opposed to this for some reason. Trap them in bubbles before they can fling projectiles at your head, then blow the bubbles away with your Petals of Doom. It took me 4 tries to beat the first level, and things just kept getting faster and more weird from there. It’s definitely meant to test your reflexes and sanity, and is all wrapped up in a snazzy-looking package to boot.

Little Things

Device: iBig
Genre: Hidden Object
Price: $0.99 (mega sale)

A really popular hidden object game with a twist: instead of the usual dark moody scene filled with random objects, you get one large thing made UP of random objects. Find the necessary things within the time limit, zoom in for a better look, find special pieces for mini-games, and unlock badges. It’s a nice change from the usual gloomy and repetitive HO games, and has lots of replay value as each level is randomly generated. I’ve had my eye on this title for a while, but didn’t want to pay the $4.99 asking price – $0.99 is much easier to swallow!



Device: All
Genre: Photo manipulation
: $1.99

Sadly, this app has nothing to do with eating or locating Pho. Instead, it’s a really cool poster/card/banner/flyer builder with some very stylish templates – choose your look from 41 different styles, add an image, then change the sample text to whatever you want. You can change colours, add filters, add paper effects, and more – it’s really well done, and makes some very cool looking items. A definite must-have if you’re into making hipster-friendly signage or things that are just plain fun:


(this isn't the best example, but it makes me laugh really hard)

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