new work-friendly url!

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I chose the URL for this blog – people have enough problem getting to Delicious Juice Dot Com at work because networks think it’s porn; why on earth would “hot wet apps” be a good idea? I finally decided to fix that – the URL for this page is now Hopefully that will make it a little less embarrassing to visit my blog .. and if anyone asks about the Delicious Juice, tell them it’s because you really like OJ.

Today’s free apps asked me to choose between two uninspired zombie shooters and the bible. While this is funny for a multitude of reasons, none of the apps tickled me for more than half a nanosecond and as such aren’t really worth posting. I did find this, though:


Device: All
Genre: Instant Communism
Price: FREE

If you’re anything like me, you often lie awake at night and wonder how you could be an even better communist. iStalin will help you reach your goals by allowing you to add that missing touch of the good ol’ USSR to your photos. A decadent, wasteful Western party with friends can quickly become a recruitment party for the Young Communist League with a few simple touches. Show your true (red) colours today with iStalin!


boobs are communist

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