did someone say free apps?

Before I start, I need to update you on Wednesday’s apps – I finally got around to playing Trainyard and Game Dev Story, and they are both great games. Trainyard is deceptively simple and gets a lot harder – it’s a very fun little puzzle game with a metric ass-load of levels, and as such is worth the $1. There’s also a lite version if today isn’t your payday, but consider getting it and supporting independent developers.

Game Dev Story was “expensive” at $4, but it also fun – I’ve set up my tiny game studio and am cranking out titles, but I’ve won the Worst Game of the Year award twice now. My studio sucks – but I’m really enjoying the Sims-like game of building games. You can put it on your Watch List if you use the AppShopper app, and see if it goes on sale at some point – but I’m glad I bought it.

Now, onto today’s apps!


Device: All
Genre: action
Price: FREE

Any game that starts out with your character being chased down by a T-Rex is definitely worth a closer look. This is an action game that has you traveling to different times and places to solve a mystery. The graphics aren’t the best and the controls are a little clunky, but it’s a good way to pass some time – what’s up with that T-Rex? Why does your character sleep with a backpack on? $2 for one worm/fish bait, really? What gives?

Oddy Smog’s Misadventure

Device: All
Genre: wall-jumping pollution, I think
Price: FREE

Haven’t installed yet; have to wait until I get home. This shows promise – it has great reviews, has a cute icon, and is free. All those things usually equate an instantaneous download for me, and this is no exception. My description is really vague, so you should probably download it right now anyway just to be safe – it could be the best thing you’ve ever done, ever. Why would you pass that up?

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