build a heavy metal unicorn twitter


Device: All
Genre: Time Management
Price: Free for today only

Build-a-Lot is another Shockwave time management game that has found new life on the iDevice. This is one of my favourites – build neighbourhoods to spec for fame and personal satisfaction. I bought this game ages ago, and it’s kept me busy enough that it’s a go-to app when I am bored and without reruns to catch up on. Grab it while free!



Device: iSmall
Genre: Feature-rich Twitter Client
Price: Free for a limited time

HootSuite is the locally-made darling of the Vancouver Social Media scene, with good reason – it’s a solid, well-made Twitter app that does everything you could possibly need. This free download is for the full version, which usually runs $3 – get it now and marvel at the BC ingenuity and the cute mascot. We’ve been promised the iPad version is coming soon; something I’m looking forward to.

Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal

Device: All
Genre: a robotic unicorn attacks, with a heavy metal soundtrack
Price: $0.99 (launch price)

Same game. Less Erasure. More METAL. Go.


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