wednesday good time app fun

The freebies for the last few days have been really icky – I wonder if something great  is brewing? In the meantime, here are some paid apps that look pretty fun (in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve downloaded all of these but not yet had a chance to play because I’m too damn busy – it’ll have to wait until tonight!):


Device: All
Genre: puzzle
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Trainyard is a Canadian app getting a lot of buzz – get your trains to the appropriate stations in one piece. It starts out easy and quickly gets difficult, requiring you to think quickly to pass the level. If you’re up for a rainbow-coloured challenge, check out the Trainyard (not related to the CounterStrike map of the same name).

Knight’s Rush

Device: All
Genre: arcade slasher
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Another extremely popular app from Chillingo, Knight’s Rush has you battling your way through 50 types of enemies over 40 levels. I’m eager to check this one, but maybe not looking forward to the giant tarantulas with miniature catapults – still, Chillingo really knows how to pick the titles they publish and from the ratings, this looks to be another solid offering.

Game Dev Story

Device: All
Genre: pixelated company simulator
Price: $3.99

Game Dev Story is a little pricier than apps I usually feature on this site, but it looks kind of awesome – it’s a game company simulator. Hire and train employees, build your company, and reach the top of the game industry! I’ve been hearing exciting things about this game, and I really want to try it out – I think I have some free time between 2 and 3 am; I’ll be able to check it out then.


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