thankful for apps

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Let’s celebrate with some new iDevice apps:

Labyrinth Game

Device: All
Genre: Old school ball rolling
Price: FREE

The App Store is full of labyrinth games like this one, but this is free so have at it. It’s a balance game that uses the accelermajig – get your ball to the target without falling into any traps along the way. A good old fashioned puzzle for those of you who like to take things slow and easy – no aliens or zombies here – but with plenty of opportunity for frustrated swearing.


Tap Ranch

Device: All
Genre: Farming simulator
Price: FREE, but beware in-app purchases

The scourge of Farmville has made me avoid anything that even remotely looks like it involves tending to crops, but this particular one claims to have a twist – combine your farm items to come up with new things like cheese, bread, pies, honey. This reminds me of Doodle God, one of my favourite games, so I will give Tap Ranch a look. The instant I feel myself getting sucked into farm maintenance, though – bang zoom, straight to the third moon of Omicron Persei 8.


Two new paid apps worth a look at:

Headspin: Storybook

Device: All
Genre: Pop-up book
Price: $0.99

Sometimes I’ll buy an app just because I like the screenshots or the icon. This is a perfect example – Headspin is a story game in which you’re tasked with making each page mirror the other. The gameplay is barely there, but this app is GORGEOUS – I absolutely love the art style. It’s just a really, really pretty app and it makes me happy to play with because it’s just so well done. At the very least, take a look at the link for this game and check out the images – if pop-up books looked like this in real life, I’d have a roomful.


Urban Ninja

Device: All
Genre: Puzzle Action
Price: $0.99

Urban Ninja is the latest offering from the makers of Cat Physics, and the game follows the same basic idea – get from point A to point B within the time limit. There are no cats or balls in this game though; instead you are a fat French ninja making daring helicopter escapes all over the cityscape. Why? I have no idea, but it’s pretty fun so far. Collect stars to boost your energy, and get to the helicopter quickly to earn points. If you enjoyed Cat Physics, you’ll like this one as well – I did, and I do!


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