more like FREEday am i rite

I love it when awesome games go on sale:


Device: All
Genre: Cute, fantastic platformer
Price: FREE

I’ve had Soosiz installed for ages, and it’s one of my favourite platformers. You are that green-haired thing to the left, and you need to rescue your fellow thingies and escape the world. It’s a standard platformer – avoid obstacles and enemies – but everything is on a round surface, and gravity plays a big role. This is one of the best games out there, and it’s free! There’s no reason to NOT check it out, unless you hate great things that are free for the taking. At that point, you’re just a communist. Go download Soosiz now!


Device: All
Genre: Action platformer with RPG elements
Price: FREE

This is a popular offering from the East; one I haven’t seen before. It looks to be an action scroller with RPG elements and a story line – I’ll grab it while it’s free to check it out, but I have a lot of games just like this that I already love. Still, free. Free is good.

Ninja Chicken

Device: All
Genre: .. I have no idea
Price: FREE

From the description:

“Save the Ninja Chickens from the jaws of doom! With your godly finger, attempt to swoop them to the safety of their correct ninja zones while avoiding the Robot Chickens and getting rid of the evil pigs. Are you Ninja Chicken enough to help?”

.. sure, okay. Looks interesting, and I don’t have any other ninja chicken apps on the go right now. Will download and check it out – also, it has a local multiplayer mode if you’re into that kind of thing. I have no idea what’s going on here, so I am not sure if I am into this kind of thing or not.


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  1. Thank you for sharing Fine. I look forward to new articles.


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