three for free for wednesday wheeee!

Did you get Cut the Rope yet? You really want to. It’s adorable and awesome and other things that start with A.

Farm Break

Device: All
Genre: Prison Break with sheep
Price: FREE

The angry looking sheep with the unibrow to the left has been locked up with two of his friends, and they are busting out. Using the three sheep of different sizes, puzzle your way out of the various traps the farmer has set up to keep you contained. No elaborate tattoos necessary; just a fun game with criminal mutton.


Device: Camera required
Genre: Social media picture taking for hipsters
Price: FREE

Update: Instagram could become the next must-use Social Media tool. The filters that are included are really neat, and you can title/tag your images before sharing them with your favourite web spots. You need to create a (free) account, but then all your images, comments, “like”s, etc are tracked through your profile in the app. The only thing I would say this app is missing would be a custom URL for users to view their profiles/images on the web – and as the app and service appear to be built for that very purpose, perhaps it is coming. I’d chalk Instagram up to a “must get”, especially for the crazy price of free – the app is immediately going on the front page of my phone (and not in a folder), something reserved for the apps I can’t live without.

Previous notes: I am intrigued by this app, because it appears to be both a camera filter app with social media integration – take pictures and immediately share them with Twitter/Facebook/Tumbler/Flick/your mom. That in itself isn’t anything ground-breaking, but in addition to having a pretty cool icon, the app claims to have auto FourSquare checkin. This is not something I’ve seen before, and so I eagerly await the agonizing remote-app installation to be finished. I’d love to be able to tell you what I think, except this is REALLY REALLY SLOW. Still, it’s interesting enough with good reviews to take a stab at, especially while free.

Paper Pilot

Device: All
Genre: paper flight simulator
Price: FREE

Another app I can’t give you my opinion on because my phone and 3G hate me. An app that uses the accelerometer, you are the pilot of a paper plane. Fly around the room, collect paper clips, and dodge obstacles. It sounds kind of neat – assuming I can reverse the controls; I hate inverted – so I will give it a whirl. Assuming it ever loads. I am not confident this will happen any time soon.

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