bye bye, spare time

Cut the Rope

Device: All
Genre: squeeeeeeeeeee!
Price: $0.99 (launch price maybe)

It sure was nice having spare time to eat and work and sleep and stuff. Too bad that’s a thing of the past, now that Chillingo – publishers of the insidious Angry Birds – has finally released Cut the Rope. This app has been eagerly anticipated by app nerds everywhere, and it annoyingly lives up to the hype: see that green thing up there? He wants candy. Cut ropes in the right order to collect stars before he devours the treat. The game gets harder as you go, adding candy-stealing enemies and candy-smashing obstacles, but it all boils down to being another adorable and awesome game that you’ll be playing for hours and hours and hours. I almost feel bad about posting it, because it’ll probably crumble society as we know it – sorry about that. My bad.

LilRacerz Pro Rally

Device: All
Genre: tiny rally racing
Price: FREE

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