free for monday

It’s quiet on the app store – they’re either building up to something awesome, or everyone is still hungover from the sale (which is still going on).

LilRacerz Pro Rally

Device: All
Genre: tiny rally racing
Price: FREE

I seem to remember this app being featured before, when they updated to have a “sexy new icon” – that didn’t last long, because here is another icon and it’s free again. It was enjoyable enough, but I’m not really a racing person. Perhaps you are different!


Device: All
Genre: collage maker
Price: FREE

I ignored this app for a couple days because it didn’t look that interesting, but when faced with nothing else to write about I gave it a go – and y’know, it’s kind of fun. Use one of the 19 different layouts and take or import pictures to tell a story. Use the effects tool to change the brightness or contrast of your images, and to edit the border of your work. I played with it a bit last night, and it’s kind of neat to tinker with different photos and make some Art:

My leg, San Francisco, Railtown, Beacon Hill Park

Ooh, arty!

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