saturday night’s alright for downloading apps

No post yesterday; I figured I’d give your wallet a break after those 10 awesome sale apps. They’re still on special along with all of these – if ever there was time for a spree, it’d be now. Go wild!

Calvin and Hobbes

Device: All
Genre: comic reader
Price: Free

The entire Calvin and Hobbes collection in your pocket? Okay! This app requires an internet connection, as it pulls the comics from a website – but you’ll be able to browse and relive the entire run of Calvin and Hobbes at your own pace. A must-have for all fans – and I’d recommend getting it now, because I don’t know the legalities of having an app like this (it might get pulled for copyright issues).

Sketch Nation Shooter

Device: All
Genre: doodle shootin’
Price: Free

Do you fancy yourself an artist? Do you like games? Draw your own hero and baddies and watch them come to life in this app. I don’t have this one – I am a terrible artist – but it’s got some good reviews and looks like it might be fun. If you liked the Drawn to Life series on the DS, you might enjoy this.

Sir Lovalot

Device: All
Genre: tilt to woo
Price: $0.99

I almost passed this up because I’m not a huge fan of tilt apps, but I gave it another thought and I’m glad I did. This is a cute time-waster that has you, Sir Lovalot, jumping up and around a tower to reach a series of lady loves. How high can you go? How much loot can you collect? The loot screen has some funny descriptions, and this app is just all ’round enjoyable. I wish it had some achievements – I don’t understand the Open Feint connection without them, but I’m an achievement hussy – but other than that, it’s totally worth the dollar. Help Sir Lovalot find true love several times over!

As an aside, I’m utterly addicted to Mirror’s Edge on the iDevice. I really, really wish the console game was a side-scroller like this, because I’d buy it in a second – unfortunately, I know from playing the demo on the 360 that it’s nothing of the sort and the 3D view combined with the mandatory, speed-related screen bobbing is a sure-fire way to make me hurl all over the living room.

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