with a rebel yell she cried more more more

Not sure what’s driving this insane app sale, but here are some more Kimli-Certified Awesome Apps:


Device: All
Genre: .. it’s Peggle.
Price: $0.99 for limited time

How many hours of productivity has mankind lost to Peggle? We’d probably have a cure for the common cold if this insidious game had never darkened our doors. It did though, and the iDevice version is just as good as the PC/Mac/DS/Toaster Oven version. Download it while it’s a dollar, and kiss your life goodbye.

Puzzle Agent

Device: All
Genre: What if Hershel Layton wasn’t a professor but a bumbling FBI Agent instead?
Price: $0.99 for limited time

Puzzle Agent won the E3 Best of Show Award, and I bought it after checking it out at PAX. You’re an agent with the US Department of Puzzle Research, assigned to solve a mysterious disappearance in the middle of nowhere. Solve puzzles (each wrong answer costs the tax payers millions), find answers, and get the Scoggins Eraser Company back on track with supplying the US Government erasers to fix their mistakes (*cough*). This title is a steal for a dollar, and will provide you with hours of frustration amusement. Also, what’s with the gnomes? They’re everywhere.


Device: All
Genre: spell words! spell them now!
Price: $0.99 for limited time

Lex the Bookworm is more smug than nerdy, but I’ve loved this game since the early days Shockwave. Spell words with the available tiles before the flaming tiles send you up in smoke. There’s a mini-game of sorts that has you spelling themed words for the sheer thrill of completing things – something that I personally lost HOURS of time in. As far as word games go, this one is a solid offering that has kept me entertained for years – I don’t know many things that can make that claim.


Device: All
Genre: old-school RPG
Price: $0.99 for limited time

Before Square Enix threw their Final Fantasy-shaped hats into the app ring, there was Zenonia. A classic action RPG with a solid fan base and hours of gameplay, Zenonia won a crapload of awards in 2009 with many adoring comparisons to Zelda games. I’ve had this for ages, and it’s a great time-waster with a good story line to drag you in. I liked buying it for $5; I’m sure you’ll be equally happy paying $1.

Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery

Device: All
Genre: stealthy secret sneaking and also some killing
Price: $0.99 for limited time

This all-new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series has Ezio going to Spain to rescue some fellow assassins – only, what’s this? A TEMPLAR PLOT! Who would have thought?! Assassin’s Creed I and II are both really popular console games that have made a successful leap to the iDevice, and if you’re a fan of the series (sadly, I am not – no jumping climbing game will ever be better than Prince of Persia: Sands of Time) then you’ll want to grab this title while it’s on sale and junk.


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