put that payday to good use

Oh god, get your wallets out – today’s apps are all on crazy sale and utterly worth it:

Super Monkey Ball 2

Device: All
Genre: monkeys with auto-immune diseases roll around in plastic balls for your amusement
Price: $0.99 for limited time

Super Monkey Ball is one of SEGA’s most popular series, and SMB2 is one of the best titles. It’s found new life as a beloved iDevice app, and is on super sale for a limited time – if you like monkeys, fun and a massive variety of levels, you’d be wise to spend the dollar and pick this up while it’s on sale.

Mirror’s Edge

Device: All
Genre: the future is here and i must jump off the roof
Price: $1.99 (iSmall) for limited time

Not to be outdone, EA is having a sale – 60% off some of their most popular apps. Mirror’s Edge was a big budget vidja game that didn’t catch on the way EA hoped but found new life on the iPhone 4 thanks to the disgustingly incredible retina display. Mirror’s Edge is huge on the app store, but the standard price of $5 scares some people away. For $2, this app is a steal and a must buy if you like games and dystopian futures.


Device: All
Genre: the orbs are talking to me, man
Price: $0.99 for limited time

If you have an iPhone 4, you need this app – it’s gorgeous, and a lot of fun. I’ve had this since launch and Ed is currently addicted to it – it’s soothing, challenging, and really really pretty. It’s been described as both “Asteroids + lava lamp” and “21st century Pac-Man”, but is kind of hard to explain – you’ll just need to get it while it’s a dollar, and thank me later.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Device: All
Genre: bugs are delicious
Price: $0.99 for limited time

This game has been on this site before, but now it’s on sale. The Secret of Bryce Manor is one of my all-time favourite games ever – it’s gorgeous, intriguing, fun and just brilliant. I know – spiders – but this game is so good, I purchased it for the iPhone and again in HD for the iPad, and I’ve played through it many times. You’re a spider making your way through an empty house in which some kind of tragedy has happened. Figuring out the secret is really just a side project – your real goal is to spin webs to trap bugs, eat them, and trigger the exit. There are some puzzles along the way, and the great fun of pouncing on bees to eat them. You can make your way through the game completely ignoring your surroundings, but that would be a waste – you will quickly find yourself engrossed in the clues and try to guess the Secret of Bryce Manor. For a game with no dialogue whatsoever, they did a fabulous job of creating a mystery. This game is utterly gorgeous, and a must have if you can ignore the fact that the protagonist is a spider – I just pretend he’s a dust bunny, and don’t pay any attention to his legs.

Axe in Face

Device: All
Price: $0.99

Have you ever seen a viking cry? It’s surprisingly adorable and heartbreaking all at the same time. I bought this app on a whim, and I can’t put it down – protect your daffodil field by decapitating your fellow vikings who have no respect whatsoever for your flowers. Throw your axe to take them out before they get too close to your garden and trample your flowers, which’ll break your tiny viking heart. I can’t help but feel REALLY BAD every time my flowers get trampled, and this game is just hilarious. A definite keeper, and an awesome purchase to be sure.


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