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Monster Mayhem

Device: All
Genre: monster hack n’ slash
Price: Free for limited time

Monster Mayhem is a kill ’em all hack ’em up with cute graphics – 20 different monster types with a variety of strengths and weaknesses for you to battle through. Upgrade your weapons and protect your gate – don’t let the monsters escape, or they’ll eat the town and that would likely suck. I’m a couple levels in and it’s pretty fun so far – grab this one while it’s free to see if it catches your interest.

HELLKID: Hook and Jump

Device: All
Genre: side scrolling action
Price: Free for limited time

HELLKID must collect enough souls to become human, so that’s what he’s going to do. Run and jump and don’t fall into the pit of lava as you progress through the levels – HELLKID is similar to Monster Dash or RUN!, with elements of Canabalt thrown in for good measure. I’ve only just started playing – ironically, I am bad at the hooking part – but this is a good way to pass some time for free.

Pilgrim’s Punch-Out

Device: All
Genre: fighting
Price: Free

I am a huge Scott Pilgrim fan, and have had this app for a while. Take on Ramona’s 7 evil exes in this retro-styled punching game, and use your special moves to unlock movie clips and other bonus features. The game itself isn’t that responsive, but the graphics are cool and it’s a nice throwback to the movie (which is fucking awesome and you should see it now or three times, like I did). If you’re a fan, you should grab this app. It will likely make you smile and stuff.

Texting of the Bread

Device: All
Genre: suffer like G did?
Price: $1.99

If there’s one thing I love more than Scott Pilgrim, it’s SEGA’s House of the Dead II – and more specifically, the utterly ridiculous spin-off typing tutor, Typing of the Dead. While we may yet one day see a port of either game on the app store, this homage will do for now – evil gingerbread men are coming for you, and you must use your texting skills and also your cow/milk gun to destroy the horde. Yes, it sounds utterly wtf – but Typing of the Dead is SO AWESOME and SO HARD TO EXPLAIN that you’re just going to have to trust me on this. It’s not quite the same but it’s the closest we have, and it’s good enough to stand on its own let alone be related to something I love so dearly.

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