free friday fun

Hey, Friday!

Donut Ninja

Device: All
Genre: donut-throwing simulator
Price: Free

Face it – the only reason you have any kind of iDevice is so you can throw donuts at bears. This app allows you to do just that (and only that – this is not a particularly deep game); you are a masked bear of some sort with an unlimited supply of donuts and a whole lot of enemies. Take them out or pay the ultimate price! This game is cute and amusing for a bit, but it isn’t a long-term keeper. You throw donuts, and that’s about it.

Picross HD

Device: iPad only
Genre: logic pixel puzzle/nonogram/griddler
Price: Free
Disclaimer: I fucking HATE Picross games

Picross is a massively popular puzzle game that has been dominating the DS title list since it first came out. I, however, hate it. While we all know that my opinion on things is right and true and proper, perhaps you should listen to the millions of other people who love this kind of puzzle instead of me, just this once. If you’ve never tried these puzzles, give it a shot while it’s free: you might discover something awesome (if you’re normal) or an utter abomination of pixels (if you’re me).

Galaxy on Fire 3D

Device: All
Genre: Fighting in Space
Price: Free

Galaxy on Fire is a hugely popular space shooter with trading (ala TradeWars3000) and RPG elements. The screenshots look great, and I’m installing it now to check it out. Forum people were very excited when this was made free for the day, so clearly it’s not just me – get this one now if you like space and shooting things.

Adora Dear

Device: All
Genre: Let’s place dress up!
Price: Free

If you DON’T like space and shooting things, this may be more up your alley – Adora Dear is a paper doll simulator. Dress Adora up in outfits! Create your own paper dolls! Do other things that are pretty much the opposite of shooting things in space! Print out your dolls and clothing and play with Adora IN REAL LIFE!  This app is likely great for kids, or people who are trying to relive their childhood and/or be creepy. I fall into the last category myself, and will be trying to do creepy things to Adora just to see if I can. Then I will go into space and shoot things, because that is just how I roll.

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