apps up your thursday


Canon Cadets

Device: All
Genre: Angry Birds except the pigs are robots, the birds are people and they’re not so much angry as they are gassy
Price: Free

I’ve written about this app before, but now it’s free. It’s an Angry Birds clone, so if you’re down with the birds (or totally sick of them and want to try something different but the same) pick this one up while it’s free. I liked it well enough, but the farting sounds got really annoying after a while. It lacks the overall polish of Angry Birds, but then again so do most things on the App Store. The key word here is free: free! No dollars! Check it out, why not!

Tomb of Qin

Device: All
Genre: All hail puzzlor
: Free

Tomb of Qin is a puzzle-maze game: you’re a treasure hunter or whatever, but the tomb is filled with angry statutes out for your blood. Arrange them in a way that they destroy each other during their rounds, then you can swoop in and move on to the next room. It’s a neat twist on puzzle games, and has a many levels and ancient treasures to keep you busy.


Device: iSmall, or there’s an HD version for the iPad if you want
Genre: a less-cute (but free) clone of Trees of Doom
Price: Free

Jump! Avoid things! Collect power ups! Avoid killer squirrels and angry birds (not those angry birds)! Go from one wall to another with a tap and get as hiiiiiiiigh as you can. Trees of Doom is one of my favourites, so this app both intrigues and angers me – but the promise of awesome bonuses and mega jumping is enough to make me check it out.

MegaMan II

Device: All
Genre: MegaMan!
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Capcom is having a sale – get MegaMan II and a bunch of other Capcom titles for a buck. Hooray!


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