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Sorry for the radio silence – I’ve been sick and avoiding vertical at all costs. Hopefully Movie Cat and Pocket Frogs kept you busy!

eBoy FixPix

Device: All
Genre: Pixel Art
Price: $0.99 (sale)

I’ve had this game for a while, but wanted the price to come down a little before I trumpeted the awesome. You’re presented with a splattered image that you need to fix by tilting your device until the pixels line up. The images are really cool, and if you’re a fan of pixel art then this is a great app – I saved more than a few of the fixed scenes to use as wallpaper, and it’s a really neat idea that’s well worth the dollar.

Flashlight 4 Pro

Device: iPhone 4 only
Genre: Flashlight
Price: free

I’m only featuring this because I was stumbling around in the dark the other day thinking “damn I wish I had a flashlight”. I usually use my phone to light my path, but it was really dark and the screen just wasn’t cutting it. This app allows you to use the iPhone 4’s native flash as an LED flashlight, a strobe light, and to send Morse Code for some reason. It’s a simple tool, but one you’ll be glad to have when you’re about to walk into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue.


Device: All
Genre: braaaaaaaaaains
Price: free

Left-4-Dead-esq zombie shooter. Really high reviews from gushing zombie fans. Not installed because I’m both sick AND sick of zombies. Try it out and let me know how it is, okay? I’m going to go lie down.



Device: All
Genre: Squish ’em all
Price: free

FingerZilla has been on this blog before, but for the iPad – now it’s available for everyone, and you should get it. Smash buildings, cars, people – crush them all for points and to make yourself feel like a big man. It’s great when you’re having a bad day; take it all out on your tiny citizens and make them rue the day they crossed paths with your god-like digits.

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