spend your pennies

I’ve been so busy with free or sale apps that I’ve completely neglected the App Store and new releases for, like, weeks.

Movie Cat

Device: All
Genre: Super Awesome Trivia
Price: $2.99

I got this last night, and I can’t stop playing. It’s a pretty standard multiple-choice movie trivia game, with some awesome categories and hilarious images featuring movie costumes and posters redone with cats. Get through all 5 levels to unlock a special cat scene (something I’ve only been able to do once, to my chagrin)! I am utterly in love with this game. I am already a closet trivia hound, but this makes everything adorable – I get excited when I see the Double Feature or Dressing Room categories come up, because I know something awesome will appear. Just look:

Do you not love? Are you not utterly charmed and squeeing? I can’t wait to unlock more. If the $3 price tag is a little high for your app budget, I’ll keep an eye on this one for a sale – but if you love trivia, it’s definitely worth a grab now. I’ve played probably 25 games and have yet to encounter a duplicate question. Love it!

Pizza Boy

Device: All
Genre: Retro side scroller
Price: $1.99

This is a really cute and fun homage to Super Mario games – run, jump and throw things at your enemies to retrieve the stolen pizza. The graphics are really well done, and it’s a really nice package altogether – I had a lot of fun with this (but had to put it down to go play more cat trivia). Check it out if you like these types of adventure action games; especially ones that don’t involve doodles or zombies.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Device: iPhone only
Genre: hilarious graphic adventure
Price: $0.99 on super sale

In a somewhat backwards move, LucasArts has put the FIRST Monkey Island game on sale after the 2nd one. Both are $0.99 for a limited time, and if you like adventure games and laughing then it’s an excellent investment in fun.

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