yorick’s day to shine

The winner of these apps will be featured on the cover of Italian Vogue:


Device: All
Genre: Social Media
Price: FREE

I feel kind of silly telling people to get Boxcar because obviously you already have it installed. I honestly don’t know how I handled Twitter before Boxcar – you mean I had to go and look for people talking to me, hours or days later? What is this, dinosaur times? Boxcar is the ultimate push notification tool that will deliver messages to your phone. I use it to be notified of @ and DMs, as well as incoming email. It is the handiest damn thing ever, and I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have this installed. Okay, not everyone wants instant email notification, but if you use Twitter at all and want to be kept abreast (heh heh) of people talking/mentioning you, you really really really need to get Boxcar. It’s free, it’s handy as hell, and I might be a little bit in love with it.

WeeMee Avatar Creator

Device: All
Genre: aww look I made a little me
Price: FREE, but beware the In-App Purchases

Make a small version of yourself with an enormous head and shifty eyes that are too close together. Send it to your friends and family, then make some more. If you’re a fan of things that sort of look like you, you might enjoy creating avatars. They’re kind of like the Wii Mii – oh wait, now I get the name – but there’s no game here; just people pieces.


Device: All
Genre: yarrrrr!
Price: FREE

Plunder! is a pirate-themed strategy game – destroy mines and merchant ships to escape with the booty. It’s pretty cool actually; you have to plan your mines to take out enemies and clear a path for your boats. I’m not crazy about the ad on the home screen, but hopefully they’ll release a paid version later that removes it. If you don’t care about these things (and it’s not obtrusive at all; I just hate ads), then you’ll be able to easily ignore it to play this pretty fun game.


Device: All
Genre: RPG
Price: FREE

Second in the series of app icons featuring skulls, Undercroft is an extremely highly rated RPG that looks a lot of fun. You build your own party of four from a surprising amount of options, then set out on adventure. I wish I wasn’t at work so I could really delve into this, but the intro and character selection alone have sold me on the game and apparently it only gets better from here.

Pirate’s Treasure

Device: All
Genre: dual-stick shooter
Price: $0.99 (sale)

Oh look, another skull. This one is a pirate-themed dual-stick shooter – one controls your movement; the other your direction – from the makers of MiniGore. It looks to basically be the same game, just .. y’know, with pirates. The size of the install (100mb) is keeping me from installing it at work, but as MiniGore was a good game I’ll give this one a further look tonight. Plus, there’s a skull. I am all about the skulls today.

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