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Everything you’ll ever need in an amphibian breeding simulator, in one handy package:

Pocket Frogs

Device: All
Genre: frog fucking
Price: FREE

Goons everywhere awaited this app with bated breath, and we weren’t disappointed. Pocket Frogs is a frog-breeding simulator: hatch frogs, keep them happy, breed them with others to make new exciting frog varieties. It sounds silly, but has a surprising amount of depth to it – I got it last night and I can’t put it down. It’s cute, too, but I’m all about the frog husbandry. Get it now!


Device: All
Genre: time management, I think
Price: FREE

A “tachinomi” is apparently a new kind of Japanese restaurant; basically a lunch counter with no seats. Serve your customers drinks and stick food to keep them happy! Watch them look adorable! Press a button for beer and sake! I think that’s all there is to this game – I only had time to look at it briefly – but I’m a sucker for all things Japanese, so I’ll give this one a solid whirl.

Doodle Find

Device: All
Genre: find stuff!
Price: FREE

Boasting more “doodles per minute” than other doodle apps, Doodle Find is trying to be a less-gloomy alternative to the dark and moody hidden object games that are so very popular. Plus, there’s a snail on the icon and I love snails. Search for cheery-looking doodles rapid fire; would likely be great for kids on an iPad.


Device: All
Genre: squish ’em up
Price: FREE

Bugs everywhere! Squish ’em! Blind ’em! Feed spiders! Score points! Um, that’s all I have. This is still installing.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by alienmeatsack on September 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    OMMT Frog F**king is fun. I just hit L3 and need to earn 3000 points to get a new habitat. My phone battery is near 20%, and I am avoiding work to breed my little froggy friends.



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